An Embarrassment of Canvasses

As I’ve mentioned before, I paint. I paint in bursts of creativity, and sometimes I like what I did. Sometimes I hate it. But I do it because it is something I have always done and enjoyed, like drawing. Agent Bun was sweet enough to get me a new easel a couple of Christmases ago, and I make a point to have something in some stage of production at all times. It might sit there for a bit in between passes with the brush, but it’s at least being created.

But there’s a problem!

I don’t know what to do with them all. I’ve been having more time to create with Lockdown Frenzy underway. So I’ve created a whole bunch of them.

They’re created, they exist, and they just…sit there in a closet, continuing to exist. A dear friend possesses a decent number of older ones from long ago as well. He has them because I had a habit of painting something and then destroying it. I never held onto anything.

He convinced me to allow other people to judge them for themselves and not just throw things out because my own self-critical streak demanded it. I’ve thrown out a fair number over the years, though. I think I might have given some to girlfriends along the way as well.

Most of those, I’m sure, were burned or destroyed along with an effigy of me. What can I say? I tended to alienate them by the end of whatever relationship I had with them. I can be mercurial, and when a relationship was done I usually handled it with all the grace of a Seinfeld character.

I wonder frequently if they’re good enough to stage some sort of art show and try to get them out the door. I continually ask myself if I should try to sell them or just stand on a street corner and give them away to anyone who wants them.

The issue is that I have no clue what to charge, if I were to sell them. I’d be the world’s worst salesman of my own paintings, as I think I’m at best mediocre and would likely go on for a bit about

I just don’t want to preserve them only to see them thrown in a dumpster as life expired. These are probably the only items I have where I’d care if they were just discarded without a second thought.

Given how I used to throw out everything I painted, I guess that counts as ironic?

I’m open to suggestions. If you have any, feel free to let me know.

2 thoughts on “An Embarrassment of Canvasses

  1. At the very least let the girls each pick one out for later on. I have paintings my uncle did, and even though they weren’t my style when I was younger, I love them now and the fact that someone I love created them makes them even more special! As for the rest, find a shop that would be willing to hang a couple with price tags and see if they sell. Restaurants/coffee shops are other good places for that! Craft/antique malls also.


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