The #WFH Series: The Question of Deodorant

A lot of people are working from home right now, if they’re fortunate enough to be employed. Some people, by their own admission, haven’t even been outside their homes/apartments in months.

Working from home, of course, raises a ton of questions about work habits and social norms. This is the first one I’m exploring this week.

The question here is about deodorant. We’ve been conditioned to believe it necessary to our modern existence. There are hundreds of companies, thousands of scents, and many dollars spent to roll aromatic anti-perspirants on our armpits.

We usually do this, though, so that our musky odors don’t offend the blue bloods. Now that many people are in a perpetual state of forced #WFH, it might follow that we should care less.

Since the specter of inflation is creeping already into the picture, deodorant will even rise in cost. If you bathe regularly, have limited interpersonal interaction, and exert yourself less than usual (as most people appear to be doing), deodorant arguably becomes less necessary.

In light of these facts, it seems deodorant will become more and more a luxury item.

If that’s the case, won’t it mean that deodorant will become used less? I will confess that I use it less. There are entire stretches of days wherein I just don’t put it on at all.

Aside from sitting in front of a computer screen all day, I work out, go outside, and go out and about the town. I go to church. Half the time, I forget to put on deodorant. Sometimes I notice. Most times I don’t.

Agent Bun says that my scent is pleasant and she doesn’t mind it. When I come back in from outdoor work, she of course prefers I bathe off the grime. Most times I oblige. Some times I luxuriate in my aroma just to make a point that I am a free-range kesseljunkie.

But what of those whose scent is not as endearing as mine?

Those people should definitely consider using it. But as we move back toward working in office environments in 3 to 5 years – just to be safe – it’s going to be more and more likely that our offices will be more and more stinky than we’re accustomed at first.

Let’s just all promise to be patient with each other and understand that this is how we all smell, naturally. Maybe we should embrace that.

If we want to restore nature, and put fewer chemicals out there, maybe less deodorant is a step toward that.

P.S. Since most people on the internet are joyless dopes (not you though!), of course this post is tongue-in-cheek. I still use deodorant, I just forget to apply it more often than I used to forget, now. Also I do use an all-natural deodorant. It is fighting an uphill battle and people should be glad I’m experimenting with this during this “unprecedented time.”

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