My 7 Favorite Songs by The Doors

Many years ago in the midst of something I dubbed “Doors Week,” I wrote a post about The Greatest Doors Songs You Don’t Know. I suppose now, 8 years later, someone would claim I was “gatekeeping” by presuming there were Doors songs they didn’t know, and then they’d find some way to take umbrage and turn it into a personal attack because, frankly, that seems to be a popular pastime now.

Something something, Generation Punisher and so forth.

Anyway, since I wouldn’t be so uncouth to expect you to remember my list of the Greatest Doors Songs You Don’t Know, here’s a recap with links to where they are on Spotify.

So that brings us to a list I’ve never had the nerve to compile. Here goes nothing.

My 7 Favorite Songs by The Doors

The Changeling
The first track on the album LA Woman. To this day, there’s no song that chases my cares away so effectively. It’s a declaration of personality: I’ll be what I need, and nothing I don’t want to be. I can change on a dime, and that’s fine.

The Crystal Ship
There’s a girl who probably doesn’t remember me, because she has no real reason. But I remember her and how this song became a symbol of my infatuation with her. I’m allowed to have a memory like that, and it’s OK for it to make this one of my favorite songs by The Doors.

The Spy
I’m a romantic at heart. If anyone ever repeats that, I’ll beat them to within an inch of their lives.

Five to One
This one was released on the album Waiting for the Sun, and what a song it is. It’s angry, it’s revolutionary, and it mocks hippies. It’s basically my theme song.

Touch Me
A weird ode to dysfunctional relationships. So I guess it counts as a love song, but also a musing about how difficult love really is to figure out. Jealousy, pain, love, and understanding all live closer together than we think.

People Are Strange
Thanks to Echo and the Bunnymen’s cover appearing on the soundtrack for The Lost Boys, this is the song that made me fall in love with The Doors. Like all great covers it made me seek out the original. From that moment onward, it was love. There were a lot of confused and sad nights where this song made me feel like someone had their arm around me.

LA Woman
I don’t care that everyone plays the song to death. It’s an incredible song. And I have one cherished memory with a friend, windows down to stay awake after partying all night, roaring down a mountain highway singing with abandon. We weren’t drunk, but we were having one hell of a moment. It’s just ridiculous how good this song is.

I think it’s funny how, if you put these songs together, it’s probably more a reflection of my personality than I’d care to admit.

The funniest thing, though, is how this list could change the next time I ponder the question. I love The Doors that much. Limiting myself to seven was tough.

Maybe I’ll do this for some other bands, too. The Doors may reign eternally at the top of the heap, but there are a lot of other bands in the mix whose music shaped me. The exciting thing is, there’s music out there shaping me still, that I’m discovering as I go.

3 thoughts on “My 7 Favorite Songs by The Doors

  1. Man I’d have trouble keeping it to just seven. I know Shaman’s Blue will forever be in there as is Wild Child from the same album. Strange Days came around on the shuffle today so it’s high up there just because. Spanish Caravan’s usually way up there as is Five to One… Yeah, I better stop there because it won’t stop until I name them all. And the order will change tomorrow.


    1. Right? Even making this list seems an exercise in futility. I guarantee that it won’t be the same a month or so from now. The one true stone-cold lock for the list for me will only ever be The Changeling. It’s not even a question of it being “number one,” it’s just that I know when I make a list like this it’ll be on there.

      I’d never be daft enough to try to pick a one-and-only favorite.


  2. Well, I’ve been daft-enough for 30+ years. 🙂 There’s a special place in my heart for “The Soft Parade” in general. Combined with it’s innate awesomeness, there’s nostalgic reasons for that.

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