My 7 Favorite Ships from Star Wars

OK, wading into controversial territory again. Or maybe not. I’m not the one on trial here. OR AM I?

This is my official ranking of my 7 Favorite Ships in Star Wars. At least, this is how it stands today.

When I say Star Wars in this context, of course I mean the franchise as a whole and not the original film. In fact, I think you’d have to get pretty creative to create a “7 Favorites” list just from the original film.

Usual disclaimers about this being a matter of personal opinion. No more preamble. Let’s get to it. No particular order, this is just how it stands at present. And yes, you can believe me that this list was harder to compile than it would be for your casual moviegoer.

I could have made a “Top 20” list easily, but gave myself a “Top 7” because a “Top 5” could have driven me insane.

My 7 Favorite Ships from Star Wars

Jedi Starfighter
I have been in love with the Jedi Starfighter since I first saw it. I loved it in Episode II, but I loved it even more in Episode III. It captures the aesthetic of the A-Wing, another beloved design in the franchise lore, and it painfully bumps it from the consideration for this list. If it did not exist, the A-Wing would be here.
Jedi Starfighter | kesseljunkie

The Twilight
This is the spice freighter that Anakin keeps on the side for “unofficial missions” in the Clone Wars series, and I love the asymmetric flight configuration and hints of the B-Wing that was featured in Return of the Jedi.The Twilight Anakin's Ship | kesseljunkie

The Millenium Falcon
Everyone loves the Falcon. And they should. The cockpit placement has that same asymmetric element that attracts me to the Twilight, and it’s the ship of the original bad boy of Star Wars, Han Solo. But here’s the twist — my favorite version is the one from Solo: A Star Wars Story.

The Imperial Shuttle
True Fans will point out that this is a Lambda Class Shuttle from Star Wars, but I don’t care. I just remember being a wee lad and seeing this onscreen for the first time. I’ve been in love with it ever since. The way the wings fold, the menacing grace of its design, and the simple lines have always captivated.

Count Dooku’s Solar Sailer
Here’s my outlier! I’m not sure many people remember Dooku’s Solar Sailer, but I sure do. I was enamored of it the moment I saw it take flight and unfold its sails in Episode II, and love everything it says about the character. This is a ship that belongs to an era that is dying, and to which Dooku belongs. It’s an outward showing of his pride and short-sightedness that he thinks it, or he, will have a place in the future of the galaxy.
count dooku solar sailer star wars | kesseljunkie

Razor Crest
The ship flown by The Mandalorian in the show of the same name, she is a thing of beauty. Evocative of power, and age, and eternal utility. Like all the great ships, she looks like there’s a surprise hidden in her somewhere. We haven’t seen everything of which this ship is capable, but it invites us to imagine what those capabilities are. It’s also evocative of the Republic Gunship, a design from the “prequel” era for which I have an excessive fondness, and which almost made this list.
count dooku solar sailer star wars | kesseljunkie

The B-Wing
I’ve written about my love for the B-Wing before. I strongly encourage you to look at that post for my complete thoughts! I’ll share this tantalizing snippet from that previous post: “There’s nothing particularly sleek or even well-imagined about the ship. There is the neat concept that the cockpit stays steady while the ship rotates around it; I don’t think this concept is demonstrated practically in Return of the Jedi though. The only reason any fan knows it is because the toy did that or some other supplemental material explained that.” Also, I know I’m not alone because it got a highlight spot in an episode of Star Wars Rebels that I adored.
star wars b-wing | kesseljunkie

So That’s the List

This list is forever open to change. Honestly, it might need to be updated, if I wrote it a month from now as I ponder more. Such is the nature of lists like this.

There are, as you might notice, no “favorites” from the sequel trilogy. That’s not an oversight.

So what are your favorite ships from Star Wars?

3 thoughts on “My 7 Favorite Ships from Star Wars

  1. “There are, as you might notice, no “favourites” from the sequel trilogy. That’s not an oversight” that’s quite funny and I get your meaning. If I had to choose my favourites, they would definitely include at least one from the sequel trilogy being Kylo Ren’s TIE Silencer – but I’d definitely have The Millenium Falcon, The Razor Crest, The Imperial Shuttle and Luke Skywalker’s X-Wing because Luke is special to me and so is that X-Wing 🙂


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