Don’t Be Boring

This isn’t a long blog today. I know, I frequently promise that and then go off on a lengthy diatribe.

But this one really is just a reflection on the idea that in the midst of the hoopla and nonsense, the hysteria and the angst, we’re all becoming somewhat boring.

I don’t mean boring in the sense of “nothing happening in our lives.” I mean boring in the sense that we’re not saying interesting things collectively.

Everything is an argument about anything, and anything is an argument about everything. Everyone is crushing each other for hot takes and cold cuts. (I just high-fived myself for that line.)

It’s just so boring now.

It’s not even a question about kindness, or seeking positivity. It’s that it’s the same thing every day. We’ve worn into a rut while racing to the bottom.

Don’t be boring. Have some fun.

Who knows? You might like it.