Talking with #pals

Just a quick note today, because I think it’s important to note that during this time that every marketing doofus decided to call “unprecedented” and “challenging,” people need to remember to talk to their pals. I think that sometimes people can get so caught up in the news and the events of the day that they forget that it’s about our pals, the ones who keep us grounded and who keep us sane, and our ability to find our sense of peace with them.

So reach out to your pal – whomever it may be – and talk to them. It’ll do you good, and the world needs good right now.

Me, I’m lucky I have an amazing pal who’s so much fun and who can find reasons to laugh even in the tough times. I’ve written about him before. I hope you have a pal. Because while it ain’t easy having pals, it’s necessary.

Reach out to your pal today.

Sometimes, however, they can be a little whacky…and that’s OK, too.