The World Needs Laughter

Not in much of a mood to write today, but writing anyway to keep the momentum going. I charged into this whole resurrection of the blog with the idea that I’d hit one of my famous streaks, and today is more out of a desire to keep the streak going. As you can see in my recent blog 31 Movies in 31 Days, it’s the principle of a thing once I set my mind to it.

It would be tempting to write another musing on my love for Star Trek V, as today is the anniversary of its release. In fact, there’s a blog topic I have in mind that has to do with anniversaries of films, but I’m not of a mood to write it today.

It would be tempting to write about another of my friends who, for no other reason than to be a good friend, went out of his way to help me get something set up that would have been daunting for me.

It would be tempting to write about how I’ve got three different movie pitches starring Craigula, one of which could even be a Disney®™© hit in the old family style like Hot Lead and Cold Feet, which still isn’t on Disney+, thank you very much.

I’m telling you, they’re billion dollar movies.

Instead I’m writing a plea, to no one in particular. This is the equivalent of a shout to the heavens, especially since so few people will read this, unless an insecure hack decides it doesn’t strike their fancy and sets their own horde of sycophants after me.

I want people to laugh.

Based on the large volume of activity I see, people are spending their time waiting for the signal to descend virtually onto latest crop of souls like digital locusts, in hopes that their specific “dunk” scores the most validating engagement.

Some figure that today is the day that their Facebook post is going to scold people into agreeing with them. They insist they don’t want to cite their expertise, but they’re totally going to cite their expertise for a circularly infallible argument from authority.

I want people to laugh.

I want people to stop vaguebooking and subtweeting past acquaintances – or even current people they label as “friends” – for a moment and look for something, anything, that makes them smile or laugh. It may be a memory of a kitten flying a jet fighter while listening to the Spice Girls. It may be the idea of Craigula being summoned by saying his name three times, only to pull the ultimate prank by having him appear in a sunny locale.

It doesn’t matter. Just pick something. Anything. Laugh at that thing – not ironically, not in a condescending exercise of supposed superiority. Maybe even laugh at yourself.

And if what you pick doesn’t work for you, just move on and find something else. There’s no reason to ruin someone else’s fun.

And when you’re done laughing you can go back to being as angry as you want. Heck, even I get angry sometimes. Just take a moment to laugh and remember that it doesn’t all have to be dismal.

One thought on “The World Needs Laughter

  1. Everything is so uptight
    Everyone has issues
    We won’t be laughing cos there’s much to laugh at
    We’ll be doing that cos we wanna be happy despite ☺
    Thank you John


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