On the Verge of Madness

With everything happening in the world today, it’s hard to put into writing what it is that I feel like I’m personally going through. Wherever you go on Social Media, old friends and new acquaintances are making broad statements about everything they read and see. Relationships are crumbling and open declarations are made about who deserves to be friends with whom, and for what reason.

As I scroll past all of these posts, I’m struck by one thing. Not a single one of them shares links to my blog.

That sucks.

My Mission

Here in the month of June, which is in and of itself disputable since the calendar is a descendent construct of Roman domination, in the year 2020, which is also disputable since the year is a construct of a dominant society that changed calendars across the world, hardly anyone I’m connected to, and trust me that far fewer of them are “friends” than they think, is making any effort to find happiness.

I think it’s boring, to be honest. I have plenty of places to read things that try to tell me what to think. Why on Earth would I want to add to that discordant heap?

So I’ll take it upon myself to bring that joy, in some small part, to the world, by starting to write again. I know I can still make some people laugh and think about less serious things. They’re the only ones I’m trying to talk to write for now, anyway.

I’m sure it might rub some the wrong way, though I’m not sure how many correct ways there are to rub in the first place, that I’m not writing about heady topics or delivering judgments from a soapbox about Things Upon Which We Must Agree.

This is an image of my pal, Craigula.

If the only reason you came here was to read someone get somber about things or reinforce your belief system, you don’t have to stay here. I don’t care about politics here, and this is my online kingdom, so I make the rules.

In short, if you want to read someone pontificate and attack Straw Men for the cerebral thrill of the mob you can go to Facebook, or Twitter, or wherever.

I am declaring my return to writing free content for now, so let’s enjoy it.

First up will be an exploration of an idiotic quest on which I embarked through the month of May: 31 Movies in 31 Days.

See you soon.

One Last Thing

You may be wondering why I started this so “dramatically.” It’s a fair question.

I did it because I know a lot of people won’t actually read this on social media and I enjoy getting them to click “like” as if they were drug addicts chasing a high. It scores a few points in their lizard brain because they presume I’m writing something with which they agree.

Did you read all the way down here? You win nothing either way, but thanks for paying attention.