I’m Taking the Weekend Off

To be perfectly clear, not many people read this blog. Unless WordPress’ tracking is way off its mark, which I don’t think it is, there’s a narrower audience for my daily rantings than you might think.

And that’s fine.

It’s fine, and I’m not complaining. This whole thing is just me having fun, and I’m not trying to build some sort of Influencer Ranking. I do things because I like doing them, and that’s good enough. I will be honest, though, that if I start getting money for this, I’ll be the first to sell out. I will sell out fast.

With this post, I will have released a daily post for 81 days straight. All of the content is of my own original creation and writing. I didn’t even cheat and repurpose some now-defunct blogs that I’ve made inaccessible over time.

They’ll be back, I’m just releasing them in batches quietly and without fanfare. I also made the decision to strip easily-identifiable personal details from here, but you’re hopefully still able to relate to me as a person, and not a machine from the future that’s come to give you another lackluster Terminator sequel.

There are plenty of personal things I could have written about, as well, but this is my escape zone. I come here not to think about the stuff that’s too close to the bone. I come here to forget it. I hope, whomever you might be, you find this to be a relaxing space as well.

No reason.

This all started with taking up my typical 30 Day Blogging Challenge. When I saw the opportunity to beat my old record of 70 days, I had to take the shot. Essentially, it paired up with my decision to leave Social Media during Lent.

I doubt the record of 81 straight days of original content creation will fall in the foreseeable future for this blog. At least, not unless I decide to start doing things like one-paragraph write-ups on things and/or someone starts paying me to do it.

Make no mistake, I have plenty of material floating around in my head to keep the streak going to 100 days and beyond. Strangely, I also manage to appear on three podcasts per week regularly, and make occasional guest appearances on others.

I also write and design other things. I draw and paint for fun. I do too much, if I’m honest.

I’m not entirely sure how or why I’m not off trying to sell things, and I’m frequently bemoaning my tendency to give away things for which I could conceivably be paid. We’ll see. I’m not making some bold statement that I’m going to pursue my dream of publishing.

I think blogging is easier because it doesn’t require the same level of long-term focus. If people want to forward this along and try to get me a job, I think that’s fine, too.

I’ll be back in a few days, especially with movie and book reviews. My consumption of those has been through the roof in 2019, so plenty to discuss there as well.

As I write this, I’m realizing why I feel like I never sleep.

See you in a bit.

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