Another Unanswered Question from Star Wars: The Force Awakens

As I continue to move along with “unanswered questions” from the Star Wars movies, I’ve been making an effort to cast an eye toward some more of the outstanding questions from the new Disney©®™-era movies, and some day I might possibly do one about Rogue One.

If you’re really nice, I’ll write an unanswered question post about Solo: A Star Wars Story. But only if you’re really nice. Probably never The Last Jedi, though, because talking about that movie is like bringing up religion or politics at a dinner party.

How Long Did Finn Go without Drinking Water After Jakku?

Finn crash lands in the desert with Poe, and wanders to the outpost where he finds Rey. He’s dying of thirst, and drinks from an animal trough in desperation. He actually gets sick from the water for a moment, but continues to take some handfuls.

After that, we don’t see him drink again until they’ve arrived at Takodana. I’m just presuming he drank at the bar in Takodana, at least, before the First Order showed up to move the plot along.

But he didn’t drink on the Millenium Falcon. I maintain he couldn’t have. The Millenium Falcon had been sitting on a back lot, vacant, for years. That’s directly from the dialogue, too. Rey said it.

The odds, therefore, that there were any consumable items – especially potable water – on the Falcon are very slim. Even if there had been, they would have spoiled before our heroes ever got there. Of those things on Jakku that were consumable, they were scarce enough to be rationed out as small amounts.

So my follow up question is…

Shouldn’t We Have Seen Finn Display More Adverse Side Effects from Extreme Dehydration?

It’s just not satisfying to set up the idea that Finn went the better part of a day in the desert with a suprisingly-thick set of clothing on his body, and remedied that with four handfuls of rank water. He should have been delirious by the time they got in the Falcon, and barely able to stand when Han and Chewie showed up.

The trip to Takodana should have killed him.

I know, the easy answer is that it’s a space fantasy. Further, when we’re dealing with JJ Abrams’ construction of interstellar travel, no trip takes longer than one hour.

I just wish we’d seen him at least greedily gulp down something liquid in Maz Kanata’s bar. It would’ve been a great gag, honestly, to have him constantly thirsty through the rest of the movie. I mean, we committed to Marvel®©™-style humor in The Force Awakens, would stooping to grab a handful of snow because he was still thirsty have been out of place?

What are your thoughts?

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“Please! I see a vending machine right over there! Please let me swing by and get a soda!”