A Letter of Thanks to Amazon Prime for Having Star Trek V Available

Life can be hectic and difficult to manage from time to time. When that happens, sleep can be elusive.

Sleep has been elusive.

You toss and you turn, you wonder aloud into the darkness if rest will come to the weary. You turn on the television.

There it is, included in the Amazon Prime subscription package: Star Trek V: The Final Frontier. A smile spreads across my face, as I know that I don’t even have to walk over to the player to drop in my well-worn DVD copy of the film with which I have the strangest relationship imaginable.

A film I’ve come to love for all the wrong reasons, only to see them turn into the right ones.

A film I love nearly as much as any Star Wars film. A film I know by rote thanks to endless times I’ve heard it play in my sleep. A film for which I purchased a special, limited-edition soundtrack.

A film which one person holds up as evidence that I will always commit to the bit.

Thank you, Amazon Prime, for having Star Trek V: The Final Frontier available to stream. May its constant playing on my feed baffle your algorithm and puzzle your staff.

And now to sleep. Perchance to dream…about Sybok.

Sybok in Star Trek V
He arrives with a blissful legion to deliver my rest.