A Question About How It Was Determined Who Lived and Died in #InfinityWar as I Prepare to Watch #AvengersEndgame

This post is timed to launch on the first day that normal people can see #AvengersEndgame, because I figure why not try to do something like that to ride the #Marvel wave of #Disney marketing that commands we pay attention.

As a warning, I’m attempting to hashtag everything that might be worthy of a hashtag on #Twitter in the coming days, as regards #AvengersEndgame. If you’re wondering why, it’s because I do this to entertain myself. It entertains me. Everyone else leans into hashtag culture, so I will, too.

My own growing apathy about the #Marvel franchise as a whole is well-documented. It’s been a long time, I’m tired, and I’m ready to get off this ride. It’s not them, it’s me. They’re who they’ve always been, I think that I’m just in a different place. It happens.

Yes, I admit that I’ll likely change my tune for #GuardiansOfTheGalaxy Vol. 3, but those have always been outliers in my opinion. However, I have to admit that by the time it’s released, I won’t even care about that.

movie theater screen in a movie theater which has a screen which is what movie theaters have, which is movie theater screens.
They could release an #Avengers movie that was just this blank screen for three hours, and at least 48% of #Marvel fans would tear apart the first critics.

Why Were Specifically Half the #Avengers Wiped Out at the End of #InfinityWar?

When #Thanos snapped his fingers, an event “cleverly” referred to by #Marvel fans as the #Snappening, why were specifically half of the #Avengers wiped out? Couldn’t the mathematical probabilities have impacted them disproportionately in some fashion?

To be clear, I’m not fuzzy on the storytelling decision-making that spared them. I understand the marketing reasons that certain #Avengers had to survive as well. I mean, heck, they couldn’t even fit all of them into one movie last time. They had to be expected to thin the ranks after hitting critical mass.

It just seems that #Thanos constructed a very specific mathematical formula in his brain to wipe out half of each population down to each subset affected. This is opposed to a flat half, which would have left open the potential for the #Avengers to be reduced by any variable from zero to one hundred percent.

I understand #Thanos had all six #InfinityStones at his command, and was able to see myriad possibilities. I guess above all else I’m impressed with #Thanos’ presence of mind to “tell” the stones, specifically, to wipe out the half the #Avengers, then half the remaining population of the each country on each planet on the universe.

Maybe it’s the lazy side of me, which is an admittedly dominant side, that just would have told the stones to wipe out half and leave it at that. I wouldn’t care if all the #Avengers survived, or if all of them were destroyed completely. If I’m #Thanos, “my goal” is simply a gross reduction of 50%. If one planet survives and another remains untouched…it shouldn’t really matter.

I guess what I’m saying is, it’s too precise. I’m also saying that these are the sorts of reasons I’d be even more dangerous if I were #Thanos. I’m just kidding, of course. I’d be less dangerous, because I’d use the #InfinityGauntlet to ensure endless resources and mitigate damage…instead of seeing mass murder as a viable option.

Crazy me!

It’s a Reasonable Question Leading into #AvengersEndgame

This is a reasonable question about #AvengersInfinityWar. I don’t think it’s even that nerdy. It’s a little bit nerdy, but not as bad as some of the other things I’ve written.

I’m graciously setting aside the entire idea that #CaptainMarvel would be guaranteed to survive, too. I’m completely ignoring the fact that somehow #NickFury knew in his core being that there was a zero percent chance that #CaptainMarvel was going to be turned into toxic ash.

For that matter, I’m ignoring the fact that #Thanos the “environmentalist” turned half of everyone into nothing in an instant. From an environmental standpoint, this would almost guarantee cataclysmic results on industrialized planets! People working nuclear power plants would disappear, guaranteeing at least one Fukushima-style catastrophe. Airplanes would plummet from the sky, unless he further delineated that only one of any set of pilots disappear from an aircraft unless there was only one pilot, in which case an extra passenger would disappear, unless there was…

…and so forth. I mean, I’m just sayin’.

#Thanos in #InfinityWar which is a #marvel movie with the #avengers in the #mcu which is a prelude to #AvengersEndgame and filled with enough #hashtags to make the sanest man #mad.
Turns out, he’s not as good a planner as people thought.

5 thoughts on “A Question About How It Was Determined Who Lived and Died in #InfinityWar as I Prepare to Watch #AvengersEndgame

  1. Rob here. It appears that you’re under the impression that Thanos made some sort of a choice, in whole or in part, as to SPOILER ALERT who was disintegrated. He made it clear that the choice would be random. Perhaps to provide the proper balance Thanos sought, the stones themselves were less than random in their choice, making sure to compartmentalize living creatures and killing half within each of the groups, subgroups, sub-subgroups, etc. Consider the entire plan doesn’t make any sense (as you say, just increase resources), I don’t see why the stones would do that. I think of them as a computer; garbage in, garbage out. Say “kill a random half,” and that’s what they do. Thanos never indicated that his statement would be, “kill half such that remaining resources are maximized.” He was already convinced that killing half — any half — would do the job. No need to get into any more detail about it.

    As a Star Trek fan, it kills me to admit this, but it’s nothing more than drama and contract law. they needed the original six alive, and each of the actors has a number of films for which they’re obligated. They’re making sure to keep some actors in the fold by not giving them more than a cameo.

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    1. Oh I didn’t mean to imply that Thanos “had” to make a choice, just wondering more that it seems the only way to ameliorate the issue at hand about the fact that randomization would have/should have dictated a different sort of outcome. Your reasoning is perfectly sound, and I allowed/agree for the fact that the decision making on a story level was strategic marketing.

      To your point about the stones “making the call,” would that imply some sort of awareness/sentience on the part of the stones then? If so, then the stones should be able to act on their own accord without Thanos acting on them? Or is it a matter that they can’t unless they’re together?

      If that’s the case, then shouldn’t the stones have taken over and supplanted Thanos’ will with their own?

      I’ll hang up and wait for your answer.


      1. The stones don’t strictly need to be sentient any more than a computer needs to be sentient to run a video game. However, they could be. I don’t know what the comic universe says about that, but perhaps they’re either sentient or have an instinct of sorts to act in the universe’s best interests.


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