This is a simple musing about complexity.

I was wondering again, as all of us do, about the deleterious effects of social media on speech and thought. So many words have been shared, ironically on social media outlets, about the topic of social media’s effects it seems pointless just to go on another rant.

I’m not going to do that, then. Like I stated at the start, this is a simple musing about complexity.

Social media enables us to ignore the complexity of others. We place people in categories, and consider people in specific boxes as lacking intelligence; they disagree with us, therefore they must be “simple.” We see our own conclusions as robustly reasoned and nigh infallible.

Some things are simple. A lot of things aren’t.

People can have inner conflict about things. They could have come to a conclusion about something that wasn’t easy for them. They may have decided that something was the best of the possible outcomes, as much as their heart didn’t want it to come to that.

Give people the benefit of the doubt. Try to understand. Accept that people can come to different conclusions, but they’re still people. Not everything is as simple as what you saw in a listicle designed to drive ad traffic and cookie tagging.

Maybe I have too much memory of when the world was quieter. When it seemed people listened more than reacted. Where not everything was a chance to signal our superiority because we dis/agree with a hashtag.

Maybe we should get back to that point. Stop living the lie that online marketing wants to sell us. The world is complex. People are complex; it’s just that some are more complex than others. Let’s try to remember that before we draw lines in the sand and fight it out.

I hope we can all drop the pride, stop the grandstanding, and accept the complexity.

Told you it was a simple one today.