Podcasting is Nonsense?

I am a podcaster. It’s a self-imposed description shared by thousands of people with the free time, equipment, and any amount of knowledge on a given set of topics.

I’m not a controversial one by any stretch, though I’m sure in the span of the last six years I’ve phrased more than a few things in a bad way. I think my batting average is pretty good, but I definitely leaned farther toward the “blowhard” end of the scale when things first started.

I jibber-jabber quite a bit about movies, mainly, especially the ones that I like. Sometimes I jibber-jabber about the ones that I don’t. I talk about other things, as well, but the point is that I fancy that I know what I’m talking about. I know I show up more prepared than some members of Congress do to their committee meetings, and I don’t know that I show up all that prepared at all.

Don’t worry, I’m only talking about the member of Congress you don’t like. Not the one you do. They’re fine, I’m sure. They’re not hacks at all. Only the ones you don’t like are hacks. It’s OK.

Anyhow, podcasting is a flooded market. Some shows are terrific, some don’t get enough listeners, and some are notable mainly for the passion of their hosts.

Overall, though, it’s just nonsense.

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It’s expensive, too.

A Podcaster Just Called Podcasting “Nonsense”

I’m sure it’s seen as a pejorative statement to call podcasting “nonsense.” It might even be offensive to someone who does it as a hobby, or the lucky birds who get to do it professionally. It’s not intended as such.

It’s more of a gentle reminder to someone like myself that, much like my social media feeds, or even this blog, it’s not important to the world at large. In one hundred years, no one is going to remember that I did a podcast. In a hundred days, I’ll probably forget I even wrote this blog entry.

This is not to sound fatalistic! I enjoy podcasting. It’s fun, it’s an excuse to talk with some of my favorite people, and it’s neat to keep sharp on certain programs and skills in the service of my hobby.

The enjoyment of something can be a perfectly good reason to do it. Not all the time, of course, but that’s a philosophical argument for another day. The general point stands that enjoying a thing is a reasonable reason to do a thing, so long as you keep the things you enjoy in the proper place of an ordered life.

I’m sure that sentiment rankles some, even people with beards and the urge to tweet constantly, but I’m sticking to it. Letting your obligations suffer for the sake of your pleasures is not the way someone should live.

Well, most of the time.

What’s the Point?

My point is that I’ve seen a lot of people getting into arguments, taking digs, and otherwise being nasty about podcasts they don’t like. Usually it’s been other podcasters who have some sort of grudge (I guess?), and so turn the online forums into efforts to drive the ones they don’t like out.

I don’t understand this at all. It’s like getting upset about a TV show you don’t watch. People tried to drive The Simpsons off the air when they first started, and the same with Married…With Children. If you don’t watch, keep not watching. If you don’t like someone’s sense of humor on a podcast, don’t listen.

With so many options out there, I don’t know why anyone would care if someone is running a podcast they don’t like. I guess I could understand someone getting their dander up if someone was running a show called “[Name of Loathed Person] was a Great Person,” but even then…I wouldn’t understand completely.

I’m old-school in that I’m something of a Free Speech absolutist. So long as you’re not physically harming someone, I don’t care what you have to say. I might agree with you, I might not. I’m fine either way. It’s up to each of us to be adult enough to handle hearing things we don’t like, or choosing not to listen to them.

I just don’t see the point in trying to drive someone out of the podcasting space because you don’t like their opinion on a movie, or a series, or a…whatever. There are so many shows out there, it’s just one more cacophonous din echoing out into space to ensure that alien civilizations judge us harshly. Then they’re going to show up here to steal all our graham crackers. I really like graham crackers, so that’s going to upset me a lot.

The reason I don’t see it being an important enough thing to target someone is because it is, in fact, largely nonsense. For the most part, it’s just people having fun until they get tired of it and choose to have another hobby. I mean, everyone used to have a blog. Now it’s passe, and people have social media to try to convey this entire sentiment in a never-ending torrent of bite-sized content that no one really reads unless it’s a chance to jump on a trending topic.

Let’s all calm down and remember this is a hobby at worst. It’s a career, or revenue source, at best for a smaller portion. I’ll be over her in my corner, trying to have a good time.

Cheers and love to all.

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I did a search for pictures with hearts and…well, blame Google. I couldn’t *not* use it.

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