Why I’m Writing So Much Right Now

The first, and best, answer is that I simply want to write. It can’t account for the sheer volume of words I’m ejecting out into the Internet sphere, however. Sure, I’ve got more time and focus without social media in my life during my Lenten forbearance of it, but it’s still more than I would typically spend on Twitter.

I mean, I write quickly, but come on now. I’m only human so far as you know.

The real answer why I’m assiduously publishing every single day since bringing the blog back is because of an old challenge that I like to put myself through every so often. I’ve done it a number of times in the past, and it’s for a legendary troll of a friend who didn’t think I’d manage it.

The 30 Day Challenge

There was a place I worked where, among the discarded heap of project titles I saw in the queue from the years before I started there, I saw an old project called “The 30 Day Blog Challenge.” The task was supposed to be writing a different blog each day, with a different topic each day.

I thought, “That’s interesting.”

I like to challenge myself, and I was egged on to do so.

I embarked on the challenge. I completed it. I enjoyed it. That legendary troll of a friend had to admit that I’d “won.”

Ironically, I’d later found out from my boss that the “30 Day Blog Challenge” was intended for a team of people. They believed that 30 Days of blogging, with different topics each day, was something that required more than one person.

I proved everyone wrong.

Christian Bale as Bruce Wayne who is also Batman in The Dark Knight Rises directed by Christopher Nolan and any other SEO term that you want.
That’s a 30-Day Blogging Gap is what that is.

Why It Happens Still

From muscle memory and reflex more than anything now, whenever I’ve gotten the urge to restart the blog, I think of the “30 Day Challenge” and decide to undertake it again. I set no limits or minimums on what I can do for the blog. I allow myself to schedule things out so that I can take a breather for a day or two while the momentum carries things forward.

Once I start, I have trouble stopping.

Mainly, though, it reminds me of the fact that I enjoy long-form writing much more than I’ve ever enjoyed social media in the way we define it now. Is it also because I prefer a bigger soapbox so I can keep “talking” without having to break up my thoughts? I prefer that, too.

The shorter version of all this is, if you’re tiring of, or even amazed by, the flood of content coming from my brain, it will subside once this 30 days passes. It won’t end, but it won’t be a torrent.

I’ll take a bit more time and have themed runs of things. Some in-depth looks at stuff that maybe only gets touched on when I have my brain going during podcasts. I’ll revamp and bring back the Improbable Match-Ups, which were always a fan* favorite.

I love to create. I love to write. So I’m back to blogging. I hope you’re happy about it, too.

* It’s OK, I know I don’t have fans.

4 thoughts on “Why I’m Writing So Much Right Now

  1. My blog was most successful when I did 30 Day Book Memes/Challenges alongside other book blogs. It took diligence and some late nights to do a quality post every day, but it sure was fun and I acquired some great commenters from that time. Glad that you’re having fun too!

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      1. I’ll try to get a Rogue One post out fairly soon. I’ve seen it twice and own it, so I can look it over again if I need to. Don’t own Solo yet, and I want to see it again before writing a post to test my initial thoughts about it.

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