A Random Unanswered Question from Return of the Jedi

I was pondering some questions recently, and wanted to share a quick one that crossed my mind. Oh, I’ve gone down this road before, and I’m happy to do so again.

A lot of debates can be had about the Rebel strike team’s plan, or the Empire’s, for the moon called Endor in Return of the Jedi, One that I see consistently overlooked, and I look forward to someone now adopting and working into their Twitter conversation without crediting this blog, has to do with C-3PO.

Why Didn’t They Camouflage C-3PO?

I do not understand why they didn’t camouflage C-3PO when they went to Endor. He’s a big, shiny, golden humanoid form wandering through the forest. Artoo at least has the advantage of being as short as a tall plant, and so he’s a bit harder to notice when standing still. Threepio reflects light like a beacon.

For goodness’ sake, he can’t even blend into the desert as evidenced by Star Wars (yes, yes, A New Hope). He actually had a better chance of escaping notice in the moments before the jawas find him because his finish was dulled from his recent ordeals and all that.

But again, he’s in a lush environment full of greens and browns, some subdued reds, and…not known for blindingly shiny golden objects.

I’m aware that Threepio’s golden hue wins them the adoration and devotion and help of the Ewok tribe they meet, so the camouflage would have worked against them. I’m sure you could construct head canon where they were getting ready to paint Threepio and Luke got a faraway look and murmured, “No…the Force wants him…gold.”

Considering Luke can waltz in and bust up Rebel command meetings at whim, I’d guess he has the pull to stop the camouflage paint from being applied. Han likely didn’t care if Threepio got shot.

But it sure seems like a glaring (get it?) oversight.

Have any thoughts to explain our way out of this one? Share them below!

Wicket the Ewok, Artoo Detoo R2 D2, See Threepio C-3PO, Return of the Jedi
“You’re right! A red arm would have hidden me better!”

8 thoughts on “A Random Unanswered Question from Return of the Jedi

  1. Probably because George wanted his main characters to be instantly recognizable throughout the whole film, and shiny gold pops in a background of brown and green. It’s tactically bad but aesthetically pleasing!


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