Would Unicron Eat Earth?

As I discussed Unicron and Galactus with a pal today, I started wondering if Unicron would eat Earth. Conversely, I wondered if Galactus would eat Cybertron.


When we see Unicron eating in Transformers: The Movie (the 1986 animated gem that is the only actual Transformers movie I acknowledge), he is consistently going after “robot” planets to sate his hunger, both metaphorical and real.

Does this predilection indicate a simple bias of attitude when it comes to Unicron? We see him consume an organic person (Spike), but Spike is also in a transforming space suit. Perhaps the biological stuff for Unicron wasn’t actual digestible and was just expelled in some way?

Unicron eating that planet
That’s just rude.

That of course leads to some questions as he doesn’t appear to have an…exhaust port.

Aside from that, the composition of the planets he consumes is never precisely clear. Are they anciently-constructed and entirely artificial? Are they planets that were once like Earth and converted like Coruscant to vast cityscapes?

Perhaps they foreshadow the end result of the coming robot takeover of our own home. I’ll leave that for a future discussion.

The point is, it seems Unicron eats robot planets exclusively based on our evidence.

What Then, Galactus?

Switching to Galactus, I then wondered about planets like Cybertron with relation to him. We would have to grant the idea such a planet could potentially exist in the Universe, but we’re also talking about a character who is ginormous and eats planets. So I think we can accept both as being real for the sake of the question.

So far as I know, whenever we see Galactus in the comics, or even that single film, he’s going for the more “natural” planets. There is technology and civilization, but on the whole the planets are more organic. I mean, I guess they’re like GMOs when you think about it, since the populations have altered the environment and consumed resources, but you get what I mean.

Is it possible that the energy output of a largely-mechanized or completely-artificial planet would be indigestible to Galactus? I suppose it’s also possible that it would be like a light confection – if we grant he could eat it in the first place – so that Cybertron would be like a corndog. It could hold him over, but he’d get terrible gas.

Somehow, it came back to gas here, too. Ah, life.


Given the evidence and considerations, I’m going to say that Unicron was exclusively able to eat robot planets and Galactus is restricted to naturally-formed treats like Earth.

Galactus skips past Gas Giants like Jupiter, which would seem to indicate a restriction in diet; he needs a specific set of “nutrition,” otherwise he’s a fool to miss something with the mass and material of an almost-star.

Unicron has a choice of planets but goes after robot worlds exclusively. While I hesitate to say these planets are completely artificial at their core, I don’t know that I have enough evidence to rule out they are converted from a more natural state.

And this is why I’d be a pretty great herald for either. I can keep track of these things.

Galactus image hosted on Marvel Database Wiki
Do you ever think he just wishes there was a cookie-dough flavored planet?