Why I Loved the Most Recent Season of Twin Peaks

A lot has been said, will be said, and remains to be said, about the most recent season of Twin Peaks. So much so, in fact, that I’ve muted every permutation of the terms and character names associated with the show on social networks. Ironically, I wonder if this means I won’t see my own blog post in my feeds?

The wonders of the modern era.

In short, though, I felt compelled to write a quick note of my own about Twin Peaks. (This blog is largely just me barking at the wind except for those rare occasions I will always treasure in my heart. I know that this is basically just me talking to myself a lot of times, and that’s fine. So long as I’ve got a good pal or two, the rest is just static.)

My long-standing love of Twin Peaks has been well-established through the years. I’ve reminisced on numerous occasions about my love for the show during the first run, my hopes for a revival that I wrote four years ago that seems prescient now, and my evolving appreciation for Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me, the only prequel I know of maligned more than Lucas’ underrated Star Wars prequels.

Suffice it to say, I was primed to love Twin Peaks. I was expecting something special, but I didn’t know precisely what.

We all got something special, and I suspect none of us know precisely what. That’s one of the reasons I enjoyed it so much. It was positively exhilarating to know every week that there was a show, a franchise property, that I couldn’t second-guess in some way. There was going to be something each week – and I stress each week, not the usual Netflix binge-fest – that was going to challenge and sometimes amaze me.

Are there people who didn’t like it? Sure. Are there people who did like it who will look back on it when the inevitable BluRay edition is released, who rethink it and say it doesn’t hold up? Sure.

Are there imperfections that can be debated? Absolutely. I adore plenty of films that are imperfect. I’m not looking for perfection. I’m looking for art.

On that score, David Lynch delivered like a master artist. I was invigorated once again by a show called Twin Peaks that subverted, met, and exceeded my expectations to deliver something truly unique. It was one heck of a ride.

And yes, I hope he comes back to do it again.