Some People Who Deserve #Nerd #Apologies

Lately I’ve had the topic of apology on my mind. Sometimes you overstate something because you dislike the work that someone created. Sometimes acerbic jokes go horribly wrong.

That got me to thinking of people who’ve taken a bit of a beating from nerds through the years. I’ve gone through and created a list of people who deserve mandatory apologies.

I mean, most times these artists have no idea that anything was said and don’t care. Sometimes the artist does hear it, then they pick up and move on with their lives. One of the people on the list below actually hired someone who had laid him quite low for his works, publicly.

I’ve tried to list out only the people who have only had personal things said about them for the sake of their (disliked) work. If I’ve left anyone off this list, it’s purely by oversight, and ask that you use the comments section below to help round things out.

Whoever invented Comic Sans
Tommy Wiseau
Joel Schumacher
Neil Breen
William Shatner
George Lucas
Alicia Silverstone
George Clooney
Ben Affleck
Eli Manning
Your prom date (if applicable)
Damon Lindelhof
Zack Snyder
January Jones
Kevin Smith
That guy who really only gave you one and a half scoops and charged for two
Kevin J. Anderson
Kevin Costner
Adam Sandler
Ben Affleck
Damon Lindelhof
David Goyer
That woman who cut you off in traffic
Vin Diesel
Tom Cruise
Michelle Rodriguez
Robin Curtis
George Lucas
Hayden Christiansen
Natalie Portman
Jake Lloyd
Ahmed Best
Samuel L. Jackson
That Kid from Hook (you know the one)
Roland Emmerich
Warren Beatty
Julia Roberts
Dustin Hoffman
Damon Lindelhof
The cast and crew of The Bachelor
JJ Abrams
Juliette Danielle
Peter Jackson
Lexi Alexander (Punisher: War Zone, in case you forgot)
Brannon Braga
Rick Berman
Roberto Orci (N.B.: He’s a Truther so my sympathies are limited)
Stuart Baird
George Lucas
That guy who sang “Pants on the Ground” on American Idol
All the other people relentlessly mocked on American Idol

Did I miss anyone? Want to make sure I covered all the bases here.

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