Forget the Movie, I’ve Already Read the Sequel to “Blade Runner”!

I remembered one time that there was a sequel to Blade Runner released as a book in the 1990s. Being me, I hunted it down via a used bookseller with a simple mission in mind.

How could I turn this into a bit?

Well, this one blossomed wonderfully. Written by K.W. Jeter, I was pleasantly surprised with the quality of the book. It’s ¬†worthy sequel to the film while at the same time being appropriately respectful of the themes that exist both in Phillip K. Dick’s work on which it’s based, Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?

While reading, I was unsure¬†why the name K.W. Jeter was so familiar to me, but it turns out he’s one of the regular authors from the heyday of the Star Wars Expanded Universe, having written a number of the pulpy bits that I enjoyed but ultimately forgot.

While Blade Runner 2: The Edge of Human isn’t necessarily a work on the level of Dick’s Sheep, it’s got a serviceable plot that’s very ably written. This is essentially “Expanded Universe” done right; it reintroduces the characters well, doesn’t skimp on the descriptors and exists ably as its own work.

It also has an ending that’s delightfully executed, and an engaging take on the characters. The expansion of the story feels organic and welcome as opposed to forced. In short, I could have seen this as a film sequel to Blade Runner.

Is it Shakespeare? No. But it’s a hard-boiled detective novel in the cast of the film, with a well-written narrative and compelling questions about identity. I recommend picking up a copy if you can, and enjoying the ride.

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