“Great Shot, Kid!” Covers ‘The Burbs!

On the latest “Great Shot, Kid!” on The Nerd Party, Mike “@mumbles3k” Schindler and I revisited a lost 1989 comedy called The ‘Burbs. It costars Carrie Fisher, so that’s the Star Wars angle we needed; but we discovered so much more as we watched.

Set a spell, and join us on the front porch for a discussion about Joe Dante’s darkly comic picture, The ‘Burbs. (And if you want to watch, it’s on Amazon Prime!) Show art and write up below.

You can even listen in your browser if you like!


The ‘Burbs.

In 1989, a director known for a dark, quirky sense of macabre humor took on a high-profile project starring a well-known comic actor. Sound familiar? Sure it does, except the movie we’re talking about here is The ‘Burbs, starring Tom Hanks and Carrie Fisher. (You were thinking of Batman. Admit it.)

Join John and Mike as they discuss this comedy lost in the mists of time and Batmania. What did they think? More importantly, what did they think of the acting contribution of Carrie Fisher, known to Star Wars fans for all time as Princess Leia?

If you’ve seen The ‘Burbs and want to share your own thoughts, reach out to the show at www.TheNerdParty.com/Contact today!


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