On the Latest Aggressive Negotiations: Favorite Star Wars Toys!

In this week’s Aggressive Negotiations over on The Nerd Party, Matt Rushing and I discuss a very special part of many childhoods, and several adulthoods of special character: Star Wars toys. Our memories of them, which ones we loved, and which ones we lost. Without further ado:

Listen here to Aggressive Negotiations Issue 56: Favorite Star Wars Toys!

Show image and writeup below.


Favorite Star Wars Toys

Few items in modern times have reached the totemic value of Star Wars toys. From the blockbuster figure line from the 1970s to the modern collectible market of today, even those who have never seen Star Wars have seen its imprint on aisles from Target to their local supermarket and everywhere in between.

Join Jedi Masters Matthew Rushing and John Mills  as they stroll down memory lane to discuss the new legendary toys of today, the tragedy of toys lost, and the warm nostalgia of toys past.

What are your favorite Star Wars toy and collectible memories? Share them with us!


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