Let’s Talk About That Wonder Woman Trailer

The new Wonder Woman trailer is out. It’s put together well and actually does a better job of selling me on the idea of the movie than previous efforts.

This should not be a controversial view. At the very least, it should not start an argument.

But positive observations about this trailer have triggered the inevitable unprompted rants about the DC movie franchise. The complaints about the DC cinematic universe have now reached the level of the prequel bashing that went on for more than a decade; any positive mention of the franchise is a signal beacon for people to repeat their points ad nauseum. (I’ll also point out with some level of impish glee that Wonder Woman is, in some sense, a prequel to Batman v Superman.)


Same Old Song and Dance

If you didn’t like Batman v Superman, rest assured that I didn’t either! I heaped enough scorn on it that a friend who did like it told me point blank that he couldn’t ever talk to me about it again. (He has since relented, but I certainly hope he doesn’t think that means the movie has gained even a scintilla of regard from me.)

But there is a limit. We stopped talking about it. He still gets excited for the DC comics movies. Good for him! If I see he’s excited, I let it be.

I’ve written before about people online who just can’t help themselves from tossing snark at franchises that have fallen out of their favor. The best possible outcome is that fans come to defend the honor of the fair franchise-maiden to which they’ve dedicated their treasure and affection. It immediately devolves into an Internet slap fight.

Suffice it to say that everyone is annoyed with both sides – at least I think so. I mean, maybe people enjoy the drama. Charging in to defend the honor of thy fair franchise ‘gainst those who speak ill of her beauty is a Quixotic and exhausting thing.

But just like when I would vehemently argue that people just “didn’t understand” the prequels, you’re swaying no one’s opinion. You’re just restating the same arguments over and over again, until someone is inevitably churlish and condescending when the other side refuses to relent. The rest of us are just tired of witnessing the argument.

Wonder Woman is Not Batman

The fact is that Wonder Woman will be its own movie. People who liked Batman v Superman should acknowledge it could very well suck; people who hated Batman v Superman should conversely acknowledge that it may be good.

Though the same franchise, it’s a different director at the helm. Just like Star Trek, James Bond, Jurassic Lost Park World, Disney’s Marvel’s The Avengers, Disney’s Lucasfilm’s Star Wars, Harry Potter, or any other franchise, what came before isn’t always a clear indication of future results. When the creative team changes between films, perhaps the execution will improve enough that the good ideas at the core make for a good experience; maybe they don’t.

What are the odds I like the new Wonder Woman movie? I don’t know. My point is that it’s not relevant to a specific discussion of the trailer.

The trailer is good, with the exception of that spine-curdling theme at the end. Comment on that, and save your condemnation or praise of the film as a whole for when it’s released.



3 thoughts on “Let’s Talk About That Wonder Woman Trailer

  1. While I’m partial to the theme from the Linda Carter era, this current theme is kinda cool sounding to me. At least the few notes we’ve heard. I withhold judgement on the full theme, assuming there is more to it than what we’ve heard so far.

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