For “Great Shot, Kid!” We Watched Jon Kasdan’s “In the Land of Women.”

As a special note to this post: I am indeed working on some new blogs. Give me a little more time. They are being drafted hot and fresh as we speak…or read…or whatever.

It’s rare that Mike “@mumbles3k” Schindler and I strongly disagree about things other than 3D formatting. So this week’s Great Shot, Kid! should be a treat because we did not agree about Jon Kasdan’s In the Land of Women at all.

And it spurs an important question about who I am. So tune in to “Am I Bane?” on this week’s Great Shot, Kid!, on The Nerd Party.

And since WordPress is still borking up embeds, or I’m too dim to solve the problem:–am-i-bane. Art and writeup below as always.


In the Land of Women

Cowritten by the legendary Lawrence Kasdan and his son, Jon, anticipation mounts about the upcoming Han Solo “Star Wars Story” film with each new cast announcement. The script is written, but what does it say?

In this episode of Great Shot, Kid!, John and Mike discuss In the Land of Women, written and directed by Jon Kasdan, and starring Adam Brody, Meg Ryan, Kristen Stewart, and Olympia Dukakis. What does it tell us about what we can expect from the story and characters from the next standalone film from a galaxy far, far away….?


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