Jedi Discussions

OK, fine, I’ve been on something of a Star Wars kick lately. It happens.

But I was thinking as I strolled to the bus to get home today, what did Jedi talk about when they weren’t talking about the big stuff?

Mace Windu Considers
“So did they know he was in Internal Affairs the whole time?”

In the movies, naturally, we see them when they’re discussing the “big moments” of their lives. They’re always talking about the task at hand – rescuing chancellors, fighting wars for Queens, cutting off hands and the like – or discussing their forbidden love (forbidden dancing already having been covered by the Lambada).

But there was plenty of down time, and from what I could tell Yoda was really the only one meditating. I know they should have been meditating, I’m just saying it’s obvious they weren’t. That would lead to a lot of gaps and awkward moments begging for conversation.

So what did they talk about? Did they take in a game? Obviously Obi-Wan was conversant enough in popular culture(s) to have friends like Dexter Jettster.

So perhaps we get to a problem for the Jedi via an unexpected route.

Before I digress too much (I just cut out a large section that grew into a completely different blog that I’ll publish later), I’m primarily curious about what the Jedi would have had to say in the quieter moments.

Did they tell jokes to each other? Catch up on tabloids? Was there a galactic equivalent of Judge Judy (or better yet, The Apprentice!) that they talked about over the Saber Cooler?

Did they get Vacation time or Sabbaticals?

I really do want to know.


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