What Retirement Communities of the Future Will Sound Like

Not so long ago, I went for a jog in a retirement-age-focused neighborhood in Florida. Really nice place, good people and well designed. It was also a really easy jogging area, because if you’ve never been to Florida I think there’s a total of about six hills in the entire state.

"Hey honey, where are my old death metal records?"
“Hey honey, where are my old death metal records?”

While I was jogging, I had my headphones in to listen to “my music” and keep the legs pumping. As I passed people in the sunset years, I wondered about the popular music of the elder generation. I enjoy a lot of it, to be sure, but I also enjoy stuff that they might feel is a bit too loud and angry.

I’ve grown up in the post-Punk landscape and surviving the birth of Grunge, a time when hair bands roamed the Earth with impunity and Henry Rollins threatened to kill me if I wasn’t intense enough. While I also enjoy a great deal of pop music (well, I did), I also occasionally blasted Snoop Dogg (née Doggy Dogg) like every other suburban kid desperate to seem hip.

Tupac had some great riffs too, even if I couldn’t really understand why he kept getting shot. He seemed like a nice enough guy.

The point of all this is, I mused on the future as I listened to these bombastic tunes driving me across the gator-laden course. Here were people playing mildly soft hits of the oldies stations and Summer of Love era. What is the place going to be like as it’s infested with retirees with an inkling to listen to Eminem? As we whizz through shopping malls in Hoverounds®, will Dr. Dre remind us of a less complicated time before those darn kids and their Power Punk Hip Hop Death Metal Rock™?

I know we likely won’t see this time even come to pass since the 2016 election is going to end life as we know it. But I can’t help but muse on how strange it would be to see octogenarians cranking out Nirvana’s Smells Like Teen Spirit while golfing or driving to their physical therapy with California Love leaking out their car stereo.

The future’s going to be weird, guys.


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