Cloud City Insurance

I’ve done a number of risky things in my life, and I’ve done one a few times that required what is affectionately known as a “Death Waiver.”

So I was thinking about Cloud City, the famous city in the clouds from The Empire Strikes Back.

Did you have to sign an insurance/death waiver/indemnification document to walk around there? When you were landing, did you have to transmit verbal recognition of the dangers of strolling around a metropolis suspended by Tibanna Gas and a little bit of hope?

Imagine the lawsuits they’re worried about given the winds, drafts, and other weather phenomena? What if a being with poor eyesight goes wandering around the promenade? Were the Cloud Cars actually part of an anti-suicide task force?

Further, what if there was some sort of thunder storm? I mean, we have to assume Cloud City is in some sort of geosynchronous orbit. But could it move out of the way of a storm?

And if it did move, wouldn’t that cause a huge lurching action as people were sitting down to dinner? I imagine the emergency order to dodge a storm made everyone look like they were re-enacting a bridge scene from that other venerable franchise, Star Trek.

I’m interested in opinions. Do you think signing such a document was necessary? Could Cloud City move? Have I finally gone nuts?