The Terrifying Truth

I’ve mused on occasion that modern horrors we may encounter are the product of some sort of disconnect between our ideals and our actions. I have friends that call me reactionary when I jump at any suppression of speech as I see it, and others that call me paranoid when I twitch about the inherent evils of bureaucratic monoliths.

The worst part is, though, that I think I’m both right and wrong about things. It’s never quite as we perceive it, and it’s often worse in ways we don’t notice.

I read about things like Cessna planes snooping on the regular and OPM data breaches because the people in charge are clueless dopes appointed because they shook the right hands.

It's made of dissidents!
It’s made of dissidents!

See, “we” want to be the totalitarian regime from 1984, but “we’re” governed by such an inherently inept band of sycophants and power leeches that we’re living in the totalitarian regime from Terry Gilliam’s Brazil. Which is worse? Which is more horrifying?

Is it possible we’ll morph into the authoritarian (there’s a difference, you lazy fool) regime from Soylent Green? You may know the joke based on the reveal at the end, but there’s a point to that movie. It used to be something culturally terrifying to us.

It’s actually getting to the point where I think thoughtcrime isn’t just a cute literary allegory. I’ve seen some of my own friends in action and know that, if it came down to it, they’d sell me out in a heartbeat.

Do you know what a soul-crushing moment it is to realize people you were friends with at various points in your life are so committed to abstract ideals, you honestly believe they’d sell you out for not thinking the same way they do?

At the very least I think that, if I were carted away for treasonous thought, the most they’d do is shake their heads and say, “I knew that would happen.”

So it seems like a small act of pre-emptive sedition now (and an act that will put me in the work camps) to say: I will never love Big Brother.

Just my ramblings for the day. Am I joking? Am I serious? Only my hairdresser knows for sure.

Take it or leave it. I’ll get back to something more obvious and palatable next time. I like to challenge you every so often.


One thought on “The Terrifying Truth

  1. That’s an awful realization that folks who are or were friends could be capable of denying their rights endowed by the Creator and sell anyone out to the “state”. 😕 midnight musings, huh?

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