There’s Still Time to Donate to Our Wounded Warrior Project Team

So the donations for the June 2014 Tough Mudder are closed, but guess what? I’m running again in September 2014. I’ll post donation info for that team here soon.

<!— The June 2014 Tough Mudder is upon us. On June 14  Craig and I, your hosts of Words With Nerds, will be putting ourselves to the task once more, but this time with summer heat and humidity, a UV Index of 10 and an unswerving desire to drive each other farther.

Wounded Warrior Project
Wounded Warrior Project Logo

I’ve asked before, so I’m going to ask again.

Donate to the Wounded Warriors Project for me/our team, The Fire Rises.

Help us make it more than just a personal victory. God gives us all a chance to make a difference. Anything I’ve had to “deal with” pales in comparison to people who have had their whole lives altered by a commitment to duty and service.

Donate something and we’ll make sure you’re thanked here and on social media and on the Words With Nerds podcast.

Five dollars, ten dollars, whatever. These men and women have endured so much more than we, have to learn a new way to live their lives, the least we can do is help with the cost of making it better for them.

And based on the news, the VA hospital system isn’t doing them any favors. True charity is done without coercion or thought of reward. Thank these men and women today.

Help us help them and donate today.

Make a difference.

Donate today and make a difference.



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