Today I Am At AwesomeCon

Today I decided to join up with some friends and attend AwesomeCon in the Nation’s capital. There appear to be some interesting panels, neat guests and so I think we all figured, what the Heck?

This is how it's going to break down if I see someone in a TBBT shirt.
This is how it’s going to break down if I see someone in a TBBT shirt.

Also, we’ll use the opportunity to plug the podcast, so there’s that. Probably cave and buy some things too, as I’ll have a new office to get into shortly and I like to decorate.

So as I am there today, I will be taking notes. I will be observing. And, on some level I will be kinda bothered. This is potentially going to be like walking into the biggest comic book store possible and having that feeling of shame at how far some people take their love of geeky stuff.

I mean, there are some great things about conventions. I like to find the neat panels that no one else wants to attend and get a feel for where an artist’s head is, or was, or if there is some nugget about something that’s worth learning and/or debating.

But there are those who play too easily into the stereotypes supported by things like The Big Bang Theory, which is why I can’t go to a single social function without someone presuming I love the show. I don’t. I won’t begrudge anyone who does, but just remember that the creator of Two and a Half Men and Dharma & Greg is laughing at us, not with us.

OK, maybe it was a geek show in the first place. But you know what I mean.
OK, maybe it was a geek show in the first place. But you know what I mean.

I’ll keep holding out for the “geek” version of Frasier, thank you very much.

So it’ll put me in a weird place, but at least I’ll have my friends with me to soften the familiar feeling of self-recrimination for choosing to be around those who share my passions. I know how that sounds to those not in my mental space.

But there are those that understand from where I’m coming.

I promise it’s not judgmental so much as it is spending time with a room full of funhouse reflections of who I am. They are not me, and they are not bad. They are just a skewed self that can be a little scary.

I am sure that I, too, act as such a reflection for others. After all, I don’t think you’d really expect to see Ned Flanders at the Bi-Mon-Sci-Fi-Con.

So I’ll be there, AND be square.

I will post thoughts as soon as I’m able. And you can be certain we’ll discuss it on the podcast.


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