We Need Star Trek Back on Television

OK, look. Thanks to the glory of Netflix, I’ve been rewatching an entire bucketload of old Star Trek series, slowly but surely.

The Star Trek 2009 Enterprise and the Star Trek 1960s Enterprise
Why not a multi-crew, multi-ship series with many chances at interaction and conflict?

The original, Next Generation, Deep Space Nine…I might even get to Voyager. Heck, I rewatched the first season of Enterprise and realized that the show was judged a bit too harshly.

I also realized that we desperately need a show like Star Trek back on the air. I lean more toward the Original Series or Deep Space Nine for my tastes, but there is also a great chance for fusion here. They could bring back characters that reflect the best of each iteration and make a truly expansive series.

Possibly even have a multi-crew approach, where on some weeks you’re out on a mission with Crew A and they’re in conflict with Crew B, who you catch up with next week. Maybe it’s a little hard for the audience to latch onto in the traditional model, but imagine. A series where someone like Picard has to coexist and find ways to work regularly with someone like Sisko. Where someone like Worf systematically marries every variation on a species he can find.

Because Star Trek is not meant to be on the big screen. The big screen was a leap we took with the original crew because the structure worked for it. As much as there was a “crew” it was about one man, his two buddies and some people that helped them. Perfect movie formula from a bygone TV era. Let’s get back to TV where we can have real, expansive explorations of difficult topics.

Something truly avant garde. No more event movies. Just great stories that make you plant your butt in a chair once a week.

It’s time, and we need it.

OK, rant over.


2 thoughts on “We Need Star Trek Back on Television

  1. agree. the movies seem like back to back episodes anyway, although I don’t mind because it’s a nice change to see it on the big screen every now and again. I like the new Netflix formula for shows, posting a full season all at once, no delays, they seem to get it.

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