Death Star Death Match

I was thinking recently about the Death Star projects in Star Wars and an implication that we’ve all missed through the years. I’ve written about the Death Stars before, including which one was cooler (Death Star II by a mile), how Vader was supposed to be using the Death Star as his tool for Ascendancy […]

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Happy Easter

To those of us that believe, this is the most wonderful and special day of the year. More special than Christmas, more important than any other commemoration we might enjoy annually. So nothing more profound to add to the day than, enjoy it. It’s more than candy and ham dinner. It’s the celebration of an […]

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Today I Am At AwesomeCon

Today I decided to join up with some friends and attend AwesomeCon in the Nation’s capital. There appear to be some interesting panels, neat guests and so I think we all figured, what the Heck? Also, we’ll use the opportunity to plug the podcast, so there’s that. Probably cave and buy some things too, as […]

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