Improbable Match-Up: Batman v. *Boba* Fett

Recently I had Batman versus Jango (Boba’s, uh…father…) and friend of the blog Al later postulated that he thought Boba Fett would beat Batman. Since the variables should remain largely the same (there is some variance accounting for life experience, even of a clone), it’s an interesting one to noodle through.

So will the son avenge the father?

Let’s get ready to Geeeeeeeeek Out.

Factor: Controlling Fighting Environments
Batman: Getting the drop on people Boba: Shooting from a Distance
Advantage: Batman.
Boba Fett prefers to keep his distance from everyone but the ladies (thank you, Return of the Jedi Special Edition!) and therefore never gets in close enough for hand-to-hand in the films. When he is close enough for it, he still uses gadgets and then even gets whacked by a blind man. But while Boba Fett may like to shoot from a distance, Batman’s practically a ghost when he wants to be. He’d knock out Boba before he knew it.
Factor: Armor
Batman: All the stuff that Lucius Fox said Boba: Mandalorian
Advantage: Boba.
I’m not going to reiterate all the cool stuff Boba Fett has on his armor, or whether it’s actually his father’s or a separate set he got, or whether he turned his back on his true heritage by not retiring to Mandalore and leading them as he should. I will, however, say that as awesome as Batman’s armor is, Boba doesn’t need to reach for cables or other gear since it’s all built into his gauntlets.
Factor: Moral Code
Batman: Heroic ideals, will not kill. Boba: Will kill and maim for money.
Advantage: Boba.
Like dear old “dad” Boba Fett is a heartless killer.
Factor: Weaknesses
Batman: Hard luck cases Boba: Terrible aim
Advantage: Batman.
Boba Fett takes three — THREE — shots at Luke Skywalker FROM BEHIND and misses. Batman wins.
Factor: Transportation
Batman: Bat-{Everything} Boba: Slave I, Jet pack
Advantage: Batman.
What I said about Batman beating Jango here still applies: fleet of ships, built for city combat. Boba Fett has jet pack with limited range. Batman would take him out.
Wild Card
Batman: World’s Greatest Detective Boba: Galaxy’s Greatest Hunter
Advantage: Draw.
Both demonstrate the ability to track their prey and spring traps. What happens after that can sometimes be less-than-optimal, but they’re pretty determined hunters with the ability to capture their targets.

Winner: Batman

I mean, come on. Boba Fett relies on fear. Batman controls his fear.

3 thoughts on “Improbable Match-Up: Batman v. *Boba* Fett

  1. Day-amn!! lol As for retiring to Mandalore, he does go to Mandalore and lead his people but doesn’t retire. Not even after the Yuuzhan Vong war (which is what episode VII will be about according to rumour)

    It was a closer battle than that of his father though 🙂


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