An Indignant Response to My Old Blog About Hippies

A while back, I wrote a piece mocking hippies. In a nutshell: they stink, they stank, they stunk. Give me about five minutes and I can trace back more modern problems to them than any generation has a right to cause.

You have to be ready to respond.
You have to be ready to respond.

So anyway, I guess being more active lately has teased out some people visiting the archives on kessel korner (est. on the Star Wars Message Boards oh, so long ago). One of these people apparently had an indignant reaction to this blog that I wrote.

I’m going to respond here, because I prefer to address things in the open instead of through a cat-fight in the comments with some non-sensical Occupy sympathizer troll.

Here’s the text of their response/comment:

….kessler?? How, Uhhh, Young are you?? The Intended Purpose, for “Freedom of Speech” in these United States of America, (I BELIEVE) Was to make Informed decisions…. Based on FACTS, NOT on some UNinformed, PERSONAL Beliefs of people who sound Totally like WALKING CONTRADICTIONS. (And there More than I desire to point out to persons with such Ignorant Thoughts, in Desperate Need of a Webster’s Dictionary : / My apologies, mostly because I’m Positive, I Don’t Need any response…. PLEASE TRY NOT TO MISINFORM HUMAN BEINGS THAT DON’T THE SUBSTANCE OF YOUR “PERSONAL OPINIONS”.

Here is my response to them:

Dear C. I. Quinn,

First and foremost, thanks for reading the blog! I do this largely out of fun and even the “nasty” stuff is done with a wink and nod. You’re far from the first to presume the worst of my opinions. Heck, I have friends who are total butt-heads about it and I love them anyway.

The Batman
My voice is less gravelly since I quit smoking years ago.

Second, I do feel the need to point out that my pseudonym is “kesseljunkie,” though Batman is an acceptable alternative. But I created the kesseljunkie persona many years ago and ask that you just pay attention to the spelling. Nearly a trademark thing at this point.

As for how “Young” I am, I’m not sure how that bears on my opinions. I do note you don’t ask how old I am, so that’s telling in and of itself. Phrasing always reveals the perspective of another.

Anyway, I know people younger than I who are wiser, and people older who are decidedly less astute. Attacking my age is irrelevant.

To respond to your point, “My apologies, mostly because I’m Positive, I Don’t Need any response….” I’d say that’s the most passive-aggressive trolling I’ve seen outside of Jar Jar Hater. Your game needs polish, though. JJH would have actually found a way to get under my skin.

Hopefully I’ve surprised you by making it so public!

As for your interpretation of “Freedom of Speech,” you’re horribly, horribly wrong. I grant you that the First Amendment of the Constitution was created with the idea of maintaining a civil debate in specific, later taught as “don’t yell fire in a crowded theatre,” but your statement about making sure that everyone’s opinion is “[b]ased on FACTS, NOT on some UNinformed, PERSONAL Beliefs of people who sound Totally like WALKING CONTRADICTIONS” is very revealing.

Capt. Kirk
“Excuse me, are you just trolling?”

See, instead of debating me in a logical or even civil manner, you’ve immediately made presumptions about my age, intelligence, breadth of knowledge and whether I am a “walking contradiction.”

What is most telling is that you don’t believe that Freedom of Speech applies to “PERSONAL Beliefs” when that’s the point of Freedom of Speech. This is, however, completely in line with who you seem to be.

You make it clear that in your world, my right to hold the opinions I put forth should be squelched or suppressed (either voluntarily or presumably by enforcement of those who think like you).

Note, again, that you make no effort to contradict what I’ve said or present any counterpoints. You choose to hurl ad hominem attacks.

This is the tactic of a person completely lacking in the ability to argue, and therefore reveals that you are your own worst intellectual enemy. In some ways, I feel sorry for you if someone’s “PERSONAL Beliefs” enrage you to the point where you want to silence them instead of debate them like an adult.

anakin fighting on mustafar


Your use of all caps is meant to indicate your anger and the weight of your opinions! Rawr! How must I tremble at such strength of will! You can’t even be bothered to present a single thing that might change my mind! Don’t I know who you are? (Note: Actually I do, because I have your IP address.)

Further, the whole point of blogging is to give my personal opinions. Sometimes it’s on inane stuff like battle tactics in science fiction, sometimes it’s about insane people like you.

I’ve never once called for someone to be silenced because I disagreed with them. You just have. Shame on you.

In closing, I just want to revisit one thing. “kessler”? Really? When “kessel” is right there in the header at all times? Were you really that upset? At least get the name right.

Your friend,

Imperial Center, Coruscant
Stardate: There aren’t stardates in Star Wars


4 thoughts on “An Indignant Response to My Old Blog About Hippies

  1. You are so interesting! I don’t believe I have read a single thing like that before.

    So nice to find another person with some unique thoughts on this subject matter.
    Seriously.. thanks for starting this up. This web site is one
    thing that is needed on the web, someone with a little originality!

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