Shouldn’t Superman Be Weaker at Night?

I know that my posts have been very Star Wars-heavy of late, and I will continue that trend overall, but I had a thought while walking my daughters to the playground. I’ve been of a particularly creative mind lately (you may have noticed) and so even the

They refer to me as both Batman and Superman because they’re awesome little girls who love superheroes and watch Justice League with me. Also, they’re at the ages still where they see me as a super hero and not a human being, which is all sorts of awesome.

So anyway, the sun is shining and I make a joke that it feels good because I’m Superman and one of the girls says “No Daddy, you’re Batman,” which makes me chuckle.

Then I think to myself of a possible alternate universe where Superman is Superman by day, and then he becomes Batman at night.

“Why on earth would he do that?” my mind asks itself. The answer it produced was unique.


If Superman is powered by the Sun–and we have several examples in multiple works where his strength increases when he is able to get stronger sunlight on him–perhaps he would be weaker at night. After all, if his power increases in stronger sun, then it would stand to reason that he was weaker when not exposed to sunlight as intense as that.

Proceeding logically from there, nighttime would naturally leave him weaker than during the day. Winter months would be a drain on him, and so it would make more sense (I think) for him to abandon Metropolis and move to Florida or Texas, or even Southern California.

I’m not saying, of course, that he would be as weak as a human being if he were to be left in the town from 30 Days of Night. Just that he would be weaker, if even only slightly. So the best thing to do is attack Metropolis in the winter months when it’s tilted away from the sun and you have a little more of a realistic shot at taking down ol’ Supes.

Bringing It Back Around

So after reasoning all of that out, in my alternate universe it would be a classic double-secret-agent-identity move for him to be Batman. He would still want to be a hero, but wouldn’t be able to function with similar levels of strength and invulnerability, and so he would find other ways to maximize his abilities and help others.

But that’s just cloud-talking. It’s interesting for a one-shot graphic novel maybe, but otherwise just an idea from a lazy Sunday.

But the Question Remains

But still I wonder, is Superman weaker at night? Even if it’s imperceptible to us, maybe he can’t fly as fast, or his heat vision is just a little cooler.

I can’t be the first person to ponder this, right? They have to have written a series with this thought before.