Did Darth Vader Need to Eat?

I’ve often wondered if Darth Vader needed to eat.

After all, he “couldn’t” take off his mask–even though he did in The Empire Strikes Back. He was in a trance and/or stronger in the Dark Side at the time (going by the text of the films) or was in a specialized environment (per EU), but likely couldn’t maintain it with the broken focus necessary for eating.

Additionally, given that his taste buds likely burned up at the same time as the rest of his body, what’s the point? Maybe he can taste Ghost Peppers but hasn’t the guy had enough pain in his life?

The Likely Scenario

My conclusion is that most likely, with bio-tech like that, he probably just needed a baby paste like Robocop. He could probably just take that intravenously into his suit (making the Long-distance flight from Yavin more plausible, since that would take up practically no storage space).

Perhaps a small compartment on his belt had the food plugged into his system, like some diabetics have their monitors installed in their abdomens. Keeping it separate from what was undoubtedly his colostomy…box?…was also very necessary.

For that matter, did his biomechanics need this energy to stay powered as well? Or did Vader have some sort of recharging station that kept his mechanical parts going?

Of course, you know what they say. They can engineer a Death Star but can’t get an adequate intravenous nutrient system in a Sith Lord.

The Force is Not a Factor

General Grievous proves that bringing the Force into play for the argument isn’t necessary. He didn’t use the Force and he did just fine (relatively speaking).

Or perhaps with the Force as a factor, Vader took his helmet off in that dining room in Cloud City (we just didn’t see it) to horrify his gathered captives.

Then he had a couple of dinner rolls, a soda (something diet probably) and prepped the torture chamber for Han.

Well…it’s possible isn’t it?

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