Shockwave Beats Megatron Like a Drum

Recently on The Tweeter, as one of my colleagues calls it, someone made the absolutely insane declaration that Megatron was better than Shockwave. I plan to show you how and why this is categorically, absolutely wrong.

To make this as engaging (and brief) as possible, I will present to you three things. I will spare you all the variations on his origin story. Just three things.

Instant Bad Mammajamma

The first glimpse we got of Shockwave in the old Transformers comics is the cover pictured here. When he shows up, he kicks ro-butt and overtakes Megatron. He had grand plans, more diabolical than Megatron’s Ahab Obsession with Prime.

But first, just take a moment to feast your eyes on his purple awesomeness.

Forget a cannon on his arm. His arm is is his cannon. Screw two hands, he’d rather just hold you down while he blows you apart. And none of that nonsense where Starscream knocks the cannon off the arm and he cowers, as Megatron did.

See, Megatron relied on his cannon. Without it, he was helpless. No such factor of disarmament (ha!) for Shockwave.

He Beats Megatron Like a Drum

I present the following panel as evidence.

Megatron’s begging for mercy.

Read that panel. Megatron is begging for death. Shockwave, lifting him with one arm basically tells him death is too good for him.


Blow it out your Energon Hole, Megatron.

He Is Smarter Than Megatron

Shockwave regularly:

  • Figured out something that Megatron should have deduced as well, if not before;
  • Trussed up Megatron like a pig to be gutted;
  • Shown the intellect to know that destroying an enemy completely isn’t just a matter of killing them, something no other Decepticon has that I can recall;
  • Demonstrated long-term thinking at which, again, Decepticons under Megatron’s command fail to demonstrate.


He’s purple. Win.

So as you can see, I’ve clearly proven Shockwave will always be better than Megatron unless they retcon some nonsense from someone who has an inexplicable love of that character.

…and scene.

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    1. And how many truly awesome action stars/villains are able to overcome injury? It’s about the will to win! 🙂

      Sorry for the lateness of my reply – life’s tossed plenty of things my way that have kept me from the blog for a bit, but it’s going to be powering back up soon!


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