Catch Up with Words With Nerds: Open Forum

Well by now you’ve figured out that the blog hasn’t been the repository for Words With Nerds episode postings of late. A million excuses, a million regrets that all boil down to “too much to do and not enough time.” Believe me, if we could figure out a way to make a living doing this we would. We’re a small operation, not large enough to draw the interest of the Empire.

So consider this entry your sounding board and chance to make sure you’ve not missed any entries from 2014. Have a thought? Maybe you have a show topic idea. Feel free to leave it here. Though we’ve set up a Facebook page at, have a number for you to call at 301-570-NERD and you can always reach out to us on Twitter at @nerdswords, @kesseljunkie and @craigsorrell, we’re happy to let you have this platform as well.

He was welcomed back by the Sweat Hogs with open arms.
He was welcomed back by the Sweat Hogs with open arms.

So do you have something to say about my personal crusade to destroy Kevin Smith as covered in “Welcome Back, Craiggers“? Maybe Craig’s hatred of BluRay as a format?

Maybe you’d like to opine about some of the things we said on the episode we shared during the Royal Crossover Rumble Episode with Commentary Track Stars: Off Topic! If so, fire away. So long as you’re not trying to defend latter-day Carpenter, because that’s insane.

Honestly, Malt Liquor tastes like fine whiskey compared to a Chelada. So does charcoal.
Honestly, Malt Liquor tastes like fine whiskey compared to a Chelada. So does charcoal.

It’s possible you’ve also tried a Chelada and think it’s good? That admission pretty much indicates your need for professional help, but we also addressed the disrespect given to our favorite Tibanna Mine Administrator in Lando Calrissian and the Chelada of Penance.

Finally, perhaps you’d like to chime in on my spat with Craig about where the term Gotham City came from, and what it meant at the time when Bob Kane coined it (Read this link first). Because it got pretty heated during Greatest American Zeroes, after a wonderful discussion on TV themes.

So there you go! That’s the year so far. We’ve always got bigger and better things on the way, including our next episode. In that one, we discuss the greatest collection of bat-guano crazy on film with the exception of all those idiot 9/11 conspiracy theorists.


7 thoughts on “Catch Up with Words With Nerds: Open Forum

  1. Enjoying the podcast. Enough formalities.

    I’d like an explanation as to why two so-called experts on superheroes do not see Walter White as a hero. Does he not follow the same formula as your typical hero? He single-handedly took down a whole meth enterprise, from distributors to manufacturers to dealers. A lot of very bad people. He did more than law enforcement ever could. Yes, his personal relationships may have suffered the most, but isn’t that common amongst superheroes? Sure, he had a few questionable decisions (Jessie’s g/f, mike) but one could look at them as casualties of war. Please explain/defend yourselves.

    –Mr. M, the watcher

    1. Way to blow the surprise, silly. I was going to bring this up without show prep to get Craig’s honest in the moment reaction. But noooooo you couldn’t keep your pantaloons on.

      1. as much as i enjoy your podcast, your blog is better suited for more real-time conversations. seems more interactive than a podcast previously recorded. you just don’t see the lively back and forth we used to see between you and tony or jar jar hater when they would edge you out in debates just before your army of followers would overwhelm them. more level playing ground than some recording studio that doubles as a trap where you and sorrel lure unsuspecting dissenters. i’m waiting for the day kevin smith calls into the nerdline and takes the nerds to school!

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