Prozac v. The Hulk

This one will not be excessively long, because I consider it an open and shut case. I condemn Dr. Bruce Banner. The revered scientist, scholar and eventual accidental superhero wrestled with a very specific inner demon in the form of The Hulk. An incredible beast nigh unstoppable. He is positively unstoppable per a few sources, […]

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Was Worf a Polygamist?

This springs entirely out of musings in my recent epistle, Hot Wookiee Love. There, I posited this fact: Worf the Klingon married a Trill female who had an asexual symbiont intellect living within her. For those who didn’t watch Deep Space Nine, please accept my harshest of judgments. Those that did, bear with me as […]

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Hot Wookiee Love

On the February 20, 2014 episode of Words With Nerds, I posited an ethical question rooted in Star Wars, the answer to which may carry implications for all of sci-fi, really. Is it bestiality to make love to a Wookiee? I suspect the initial response around the table would be an emphatic “no!” While I’m […]

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