A Galaxy Far, Far Away vs. A Dark Knight: Which One Would I Choose?

There are two fictional worlds that I love to visit more than any others. If I get sucked into some sort of Inception–esque dreamscape, it’s going to feature Jedi starfighters flying over Gotham City. Conveniently, they both feature Liam Neeson as a teacher!

Knowing this, a friend challenged me via text message.

He asked, if I had the choice between watching The Dark Knight and Star Wars, which one I would choose.

Batman: Arkham Asylum
Holy cow! They both feature Mark Hamill too!

Of course, it’s a ludicrous choice. If I couldn’t decide between either, I’d just watch both in one night. I might be a little older, but I can still pull off the occasional movie marathon.

It’s an interesting question though. My answer of course has a lot of qualifiers.

First and foremost, this is no knockout punch on either end. The conversation is interesting even if you’re making me decide between Star Wars and Batman Begins or The Dark Knight Rises.

So let me present my answer in more depth than I answered in the text.

The Dark Knight Trilogy

Mr. Awesome.

The Dark Knight Trilogy is a just as good a trilogy, and possibly better, than either Star Wars trilogy. That’s right, I said either trilogy.

I’m not going to blather on about the what makes it that way. That just turns this into another boring Christopher Nolan love letter.

But Then There’s Star Wars

The inescapable truth is that all six Star Wars films own my heart. In the end, it’s about what they say to me than even a “superior artistic endeavor” can give me. The whole, as it were, is greater than the sum of its parts.

anakin fighting on mustafar
I understand this guy better than you do.

They will always speak to me in a way that others do not. Anakin’s transformation will always speak more to me than even the uplifting message about love and sacrifice in The Dark Knight, or the biting social critique of The Dark Knight Rises. The hero’s journey in Batman Begins will not overcome the operatic triumph of love that is Return of the Jedi.

While some can be dismissive of this thought, and insist that it means I’m incapable of judging fairly, I say that how much we love a film has just as much to do with who we were when we saw them. I don’t care whether the hipsters and anti–hipsters want to disavow the part of them that loves the Ewoks still.

I refuse to be shamed out of my loves.

The Final Tally

Oh, I can explain it. But I don't want to.
Oh, I can explain it. But I don’t want to. Just make her a Jedi.

So while I dodged the dreaded versus discussion on a technicality, it comes back to a simple truth. They are both my favorite fantastical escapes, but if someone “has” to win, I know who will win the series if not every game. Batman has a significant place in my heart, but the Skywalkers presently are the most dominant tenants.

And if JJ Abrams has the wisdom to cast Maggie Gyllenhaal in Episode VII, he may as well just ask to deduct about half my paycheck’s worth of tickets for the first two weeks of its theatrical run.


5 thoughts on “A Galaxy Far, Far Away vs. A Dark Knight: Which One Would I Choose?

  1. Oh you had to have a pic of Maggie Gyllenhaal didn’t you? She is so hot. I would love to see her as Jaina.

    Something you also have to remember. In the cartoons and games, the Joker is played by:
    Mark Hammill (who incidentally was in Criminal Minds at the end of season 8). He needs to shift a bit of chunk to get back to being Luke.

    1. Ha ha – I mentioned Hamill in the Arkham City photo caption! 🙂 As for Maggie G, whatever they would cast her for, is fine by me. As for the EU characters…I’d say it’s time to expect a massive overhaul of that stuff…

      1. Well no books have been written since the mention, so I am assuming it will be set after the latest X-Wing book. No doubt Baker and Daniels will be in it. Hoping Booster Terrik will be as well with his red Star Destroyer.

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