Words With Nerds: Be Happy, Dammit

Joker Shows Up To Kill Grissom
As you can see, we’re a lot happier.

This is an In-Case-You-Missed-It post, because it’s a few days after the most recent episode aired. As Craig and I like to joke about, it’d be great to have interns to make sure everything gets taken care of in the most timely fashion. But hey.

You’ll note from the spectacular sound quality that this episode comes from the Catherine Martin Room in the Frederica Bimmel Bunker, complete with scary echo.

Short explanation: I screwed up the input, and I’m really sorry. It’s no one’s fault but mine for failing to check the program settings one last time. Everything should sound pretty good anyway, and I promise you it won’t happen again.

The heroes of our tale accentuate the positive this week, looking at:

  • Movies that make us happy (not the same as happy endings in movies, by the way)
  • Where we get our inspiration
  • The role of our brothers in our lives
  • Burka Avenger!
  • The power of comics
  • and just to mess with you even more, your moment of Nerd…Joy?

With everything we offer, it’s too easy to look past our flaws and remember that though the packaging (sound) is flawed, the contents (words) are supreme chancellor around here. Listen today!

After listening to this episode, we’re fairly certain you’ll want to send us six dozen bottles of beer. Please.


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