I Am Harvey Dent

Settle in, this is one of my intensely personal ones. A long time ago, I wrote of myself as Batman. It was a tongue-in-cheek missive based on an in vino veritas moment with Jar Jar Hater, but it’s led to a delightful ongoing joke that I enjoy beyond measure. In that first blog, I postulated: […]

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How Now, Fanboys?

In an interesting conversation with a friend of mine on Twitter regarding the future of Star Wars, the term “Fanboy” was used. It was not used directly “against” me, but I took it in such a fashion as I consider to be the norm. It prompted this exchange: @kesseljunkie Let it be now known: I’m […]

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Words With Nerds: Breaking Barbie

Welcome back! In this week’s on-time, properly-recorded episode (!) our heroes step up to the plate and tackle the deep, philosophical questions that even Sybok was afraid to address. Among the topics this week: Can ghosts travel through time, Quantum Leaping to resolve history? Favorite Cereals and the milk they left behind Who remembers the […]

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