Words With Nerds: Nobody Ever Suspects the Butterfly

Bart as a Butterfly after burning down the school.

NOTE: The reason this is posted so late is that there was an issue with the original audio file, and that’s been repaired. Levels should be as expected. Sorry for the issue and the delay!

In this episode wrought from the sterling silver neurons of our heroes’ brains, they discuss in-depth the great mysteries facing every fan base today.

  • Looking back at Sharknado, were we too hard on Jaws 4?
  • Speaking of Sharknadoes, stay inside and use rifles. That’s your best bet, really.
  • Do bartenders care more than emergency services?
  • They explain the Three Seashells mystery from Demolition Man and why Howard Hughes would be a complete wreck as a result if they woke him up in that time period.
  • The beauty that is Sean Connery’s marriage counseling.
  • Which characters didn’t get a fair shake the first time around, and need a reboot redemption?
Yes, just for lending them your ear holes for one hour, Craig and John will discuss all this and more.

For this much entertainment, the Romans used to sacrifice people to lions; we give it to you for free!

Episode References

The Three Seashells (Warning…uh, just trust me.)
Seriously, this is disturbing. No wonder no one in the future wanted to touch each other.
Call 571-308-NERD and tell us why the title above is funny, with your email address, and if you guess right you get a prize. (No really, a prize.)
Sharknado (#SHARKNADO)
No really. Sharknado.
If you want to read the most logically-satisfying theory on why Morrison died, read this book.
There isn’t a single frame of footage shot, and we don’t even know if they’ll whore it out to post-production 3D yet.
Dirty Laundry (#DIRTYLAUNDRY)
Thomas Jane’s Punisher Short Film. Which he made with his own money. Because he’s awesome.

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