Words With Nerds: I Could Pull Off A Thong

The train keeps on rolling, so won’t you join us for a while?

In this installment of our show, John & Craig ask some tough questions and give some deep answers. Listen today!
Questions like…
  • What’s one of the best ways Craig can give you nightmares?
  • How do the three sea shells work in Demolition Man?
  • Was John Madden nuts?
  • Why won’t Craig’s draconian boss let him have an 11am Happy Hour?
  • Should you drink the mystery moonshine?
They answer things we all need to know, like…
And with all of their usual snappy repartee, you could keep time with a tap dancer. So hop on board, settle in and listen for a spell.

There’s so much worth hearing in this episode you should buy an extra set of ears.

Here’s a quick reference guide for some things on the show:

No, Really. The 1989 Album Batman by Prince is the soundtrack to that film. The later album was called the “score” — and was released after much fan demand.
I remember the distinct disappointment of listening to that Prince album for the first time and thinking, “Yeah, the music is good, but…where’s that awesome stuff that played while he was kicking ass?”

Prince’s Batman album was the official soundtrack to the 1989 film

The debate between which is better, the Death Star or the Death Star II…
was settled here, by me.

The mystery of the three seashells
…to boot, see how Rob Scheider started his “Sylvester Stallone’s Sidekick” run.

And yes, Spider-Man uses Bing.


4 thoughts on “Words With Nerds: I Could Pull Off A Thong

  1. A few things gentlemen (comments on a really good show):

    1. Which AFI list are you referencing? In the 10th anniversary edition Citizen Kane is still above Shawshank.
    2. The idea of a top 100 movies list is absurd without any criteria or qualifications. Shawshank is a MUCH more entertaining movie than Citizen Kane; honestly Citizen Kane is kind of a boring movie at many points. However, as you noted, the cinematography is incredibly groundbreaking and revolutionized movies, as well as contributed a number of elements to popular culture (“Rosebud!”, the montage, the Hobbit shot, etc.)(see more here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Citizen_Kane#Filmmaking_innovations). Maybe the only other movie that so well combined entertainment with revolutionary cinematography was The Godfather (and arguably Jurassic Park, but with a different kind of entertainment).
    3. I propose the Rob Gordon test whenever creating a list (“top five all time records”), as described in the movie High Fidelity. When asked what is the “best” of anything and creating a list, you must create definitions (“in the club or at home”) as well disqualifying factors (“immediate disqualification because of its involvement with the Big Chill”).

    1. 1)Thank you for listening. I cannot find the list but it was on the same page where those 100 greatest movie quotes were. I was so enraged with the Greatest Quotes, that I did not bookmark or fact check the film list.
      2) Jurassic Park did change film making, in the way that it proved, big budget films don’t have to be consistent to make money. Example: spending 30 minutes of film demonstrating that a T-Rex causes tremors in the ground when it is a mile away, then *spoiler alert* a T-rex was able to go into stealth mode and sneak up on everyone in the end.
      3) excellent use of Rob Gordon, who I actually catch myself being like more and more each day.

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