Words With Nerds: Somebody’s Watching Me

The Something Has Something.
The Something Has Something.

It’s time for your weekly dose of awesome!

We got some more calls to the hotline (571-308-NERD) and Craig suffers the audience Wrath of Well Actually again. We also get a mystery call that has us panicking and looking for Terry Gilliam.

We also address some of the hotter questions of the week.

Among those questions:

  • Is there any privacy left in the world of PRISM?
  • If not, is Montana open?
  • Didn’t sci-fi, comic books and dystopian fables warn us about this enough that we shouldn’t have been surprised?
  • Why do we have a problem with it in the real world, but let our heroes skate without reproach?
  • Craig takes a turn at questioning John as to why he can like Episode I when he so clearly likes well-defined heroes
  • What superhero team would you want to be a part of? (Not which hero, but which team?)
  • …and we try to figure out why Craig has a Charleston Chiefs shirt on.

So keep listening, keep calling and let us know why it is you love to pick on Craig.

With all of the questions we explore in this episode, we’re more authoritative than the Encyclopedia Galactica.


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