Another Unanswered Question from Revenge of the Sith

So here we are, the end of our second installment of unanswered questions from the Star Wars saga. I’m going to have to create a specific archive page for this nonsense soon.

So here is my latest question regarding Revenge of the Sith.

Why Didn’t the Clone Troopers Follow Bail Organa from the Jedi Temple?

I can’t really resolve this one, except for one answer I have in my head that nonetheless isn’t completely satisfying. As usual, I want to see if anyone has a similar perspective, or perhaps a contrary one that sways my opinion significantly.

But the basis of the question is, really, the Emperor knew Organa would end up being a thorn in his side if he let him live. I’d think that a supplementary of Order 66 would be “And if you see any of these specific people who could happen to get caught in a cross-fire, mow them down too.”

Now, my own internal reasoning as to why they didn’t follow also hinges on the fact that Lucas changed his mind and didn’t have Organa fire back in the final film (I know that was a change).

But I want you to sidle up to the podium below and give me your ideas why the troopers let Mr. Loyalist Committee get away.

8 thoughts on “Another Unanswered Question from Revenge of the Sith

  1. Am I the only one that attempts to answer these?

    Okay. They should have cut him down because he was a Jedi sympathiser. However … I believe this to be the Palpatine’s fault and his word specific order. They must kill all the Jedi and stop them entering or leaving the Jedi temple. He should have said – like you mentioned – that “All Jedi and those that have sided with the Jedi are an enemy to the Empire.”

    A thought actually – he’s a senator. It wouldn’t do him any favours by cutting down the people that put him there. He knew he would have opposition, and probably figured he could contain it. It wasn’t until episode IV that he disolved the senate completely. So my answer is – if he had Organa killed, he would have lost a lot of support and he couldn’t afford that.

    (No Expanded Universe info here – although I nearly used stuff from Force Unleashed)


    1. I accept your explanation! It makes sense – additionally, I’d think it might help Palpatine to have a “witness” who would warn people of what was possible for those who dissented. Psychological victory?

      Some people answer them off-line. We just need to get them to do it here!


    1. While it’s true you can only contain the Smits and never hope to destroy it, I guess the academic question is would they have still let him go if he wasn’t the Smits?


  2. Do anyone of you know this?

    in the beginning of Episode III General Grievous tries to escape the besieged corusant.

    1. Why do they not go into hyperspace? they could easily get away in no time.
    2. how is it possible for the trade federation to besiege corusant?


    1. Great questions! My attempt at answers:

      1. “Without precise calculations…” In the original Star Wars, Han Solo lays out you need to be exacting in your navigational reads. I imagine ships engaged in battle can’t run the clean calculations. In the Expanded Universe (though I hate it) they establish the rule of a “gravity well” — e.g., a planet — interfering with going to light speed. You will notice in the films that hyperspace is only engaged/disengaged a fair distance from the planet.

      2. Same way the rebels showed up at Endor — the dreaded “pop in” as Seinfeld called it. 🙂


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