So here we are, the end of our second installment of unanswered questions from the Star Wars saga. I’m going to have to create a specific archive page for this nonsense soon.

So here is my latest question regarding Revenge of the Sith.

Why Didn’t the Clone Troopers Follow Bail Organa from the Jedi Temple?

I can’t really resolve this one, except for one answer I have in my head that nonetheless isn’t completely satisfying. As usual, I want to see if anyone has a similar perspective, or perhaps a contrary one that sways my opinion significantly.

But the basis of the question is, really, the Emperor knew Organa would end up being a thorn in his side if he let him live. I’d think that a supplementary of Order 66 would be “And if you see any of these specific people who could happen to get caught in a cross-fire, mow them down too.”

Now, my own internal reasoning as to why they didn’t follow also hinges on the fact that Lucas changed his mind and didn’t have Organa fire back in the final film (I know that was a change).

But I want you to sidle up to the podium below and give me your ideas why the troopers let Mr. Loyalist Committee get away.