Another Unanswered Question from Attack of the Clones

Today’s question is from Attack of the Clones.

And honestly, it’s one that’s bugged me for years.

Why Didn’t the Galactic Republic Have Some Sort of Armed Forces?

This one has the symbolic level – the Republic can go to war without the people minding because there isn’t a direct toll on their lives/lifestyles. If it doesn’t impact daily life, people tend not to give a care.

And I know that the Jedi are the guardians of peace for the Old Republic (or as I termed it many years ago, the Thugs of the Old Republic), and are supposedly working in tandem with the government to keep the peace across the galaxy.

And I know that there hasn’t been a war since the formation of the Republic (per Sio Bibble’s line in the film), and as hard as that is to swallow, I’ll accept the exposition as fact.

But come on. They had no token military at all? What if there were some sort of genocide-type thing happening on a planet? Wouldn’t the full military force of the Republic be used to protect the people being harmed?

The possibly horrifying conclusion is that the Republic is so hands-off about things that there are terrible things happening regularly and they just send in the Jedi every so often to intimidate and kill who they want removed. Kind of a crappy thought, but I’m interested – what do you think?

Why would the Republic not have a standing army of some sort?

8 thoughts on “Another Unanswered Question from Attack of the Clones

  1. Costa Rica doesn’t have a standing army but they have a strong armed police force. Maybe they counted on local planetary militias to keep the peace with the assistance of the Jedi and or mystery police force.


    1. That would support the idea that the Trade Federation could build a giant army and no one bats an eye at it. If you’re responsible for your own police force/militia/military, then you can build up one under everyone’s noses for ulterior motives. I like it.


      1. I always kind of thought of the Old Republic Gov’t set up something like the US Govt during the frontier period from the 1790s up through the 1880s. You have at least the implication of a decentralized Federal system with a central gov’t that while supreme still delegates much of its power to regional or planetary gov’ts.

        The Core worlds would be the like the original 13 colonies. The senate would have near absolute power in this area Spreading out from the core would be the better organized worlds and larger factions. The outer rim would be like the mix of territories and Indian reservations that the American West was.

        Just like in the US the governors of these territories would have immense power and authority without the Federal Gov’t stepping in. They would have their own militias and could really operate fairly autonomous. Sure they had to answer to someone back in Washington but Washington is an awful long way away. Coruscant would be the same way. Sure the senate can try to do something but by the time they even find out about it the governor has already made his move and covered up the evidence. Lots of room for corruption in a system like that.


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