Continuing our ongoing series of lovingly poking the Star Wars films squarely in the plot hole, here’s a “new” question I have from Return of the Jedi.

Why Didn’t the Rebels Just Do Strafing Runs on the Shield Generator to Destroy It?

Ackbar Meme
If there’s one thing nerds know how to do, it’s drive a joke into the ground.

We all know that they had a grand plan to send their greatest pilot, the last known Jedi and most important figurehead into the forests of Endor to crack into, and destroy, the shield generator complex. Three people, mind you, who repeatedly proved themselves incapable of doing anything besides screwing things up and/or rushing into traps headlong.

Then, once the generator was destroyed, the fleet shows up and destroys the second Death Star. Simple enough I guess, but here’s something even more simple.

Have the fleet show up, and send one, maybe two, ships down to Endor to carpet-bomb the area around the shield generator. Heck, send some fighters as well to destroy any possible Anti-Aircraft batteries they might have in place. (Note: We saw zero evidence of any.)

And, at the very least, if they found this to be unpalatable as the primary plan, why not divert at least a couple of ships to the shield generator to destroy it when it became obvious your “crack team of commandos” had failed to capture and destroy the shield?

After all, as they say, no plan survives contact with the enemy. Admiral Ackbar was a damned fool, proven by his inability to adapt to a changing situation and accomplish his mission.

So anyway, the challenge this time is to provide me with an answer why they didn’t do this. Seriously, I’m all ears.