Yet Another Unanswered Question from Star Wars

It’s time to bring back the classic series to see if you’re willing to exercise that old grey matter a little bit and noodle things through.

Seriously, I give you tons of quality posts to ponder and passively enjoy. Now it’s your turn to participate.

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Yet, the other day I realized I had a new question that I’ve never been able to answer satisfactorily.

Where the Hell did Luke stow his lightsaber while he was in the stormtrooper armor?

Seriously. Pay attention to the armor. Besides being clunky, it’s missing pockets and no bit on the utility belt is large enough to house a lightsaber.

The “backpack” part of the stormtrooper uniform lacks the apparent depth or accessibility to suggest that it’s there. It’s not in his helmet and Han didn’t have it hidden anywhere either.

It’s not in a holster, and I’m not willing to entertain the thought that he housed it…um, somewhere awful.

Amazingly, the first time I thought of this was just the other day, while watching the film with my daughters. I watched the cell bay fight and thought, “Wait. Where is his lightsaber?” All these years, I never thought about it.

I guess as we suggested on a recent Words With Nerds, we’re all willing to overlook certain plot holes and contrivances when we enjoy the film. But the question is unanswered still.

As usual, I have a solution in my head, but I want to see you if anyone comes to the same solution I did for this mystery of the illustrious Star Wars.

9 thoughts on “Yet Another Unanswered Question from Star Wars

  1. Maybe he hid it in Chewie’s matted fur? I was about to say housed in R2, but he had it again when he dropped out of the garbage disposal. Alternatively, there may be internal pockets in the armour. Where else are they going to keep their credits, death sticks, condoms and illegal drugs


    1. Does he? I have to spin up the movie. I don’t remember seeing it outside the trash compactor off-hand! (Housing in R2 is my choice unless I see it today later…)


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