Words With Nerds: THRILLHO

A one thousand dollar value podcast – yours free for listening!

In the eighth episode of Words With Nerds, it’s back to basics as your humble hosts engage in our traditional chess match of reference and wit.

We touch on a number of topics, all of them contentious, all of them now resolved for all time now that we’ve spoken on them.

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Here are some of the gems you can look forward to in the eighth episode:

    We talk about…

  • …convoluted plans and how we forgive them for movies we like even if we took a moment to realize that there is no way the plan could ever actually work;
  • …sequels and if they can be better than the original;
  • …how movie music can both elevate and destroy a film;
  • …Craig takes the time to hate Journey;
  • Simpsons and Seinfeld references and just get trapped in a feedback loop of them;
  • …expanding to a weekly show;

‘Nuff Said!

Considering all of the knowledge dropped in this episode, we’d recommend a back brace before trying to lift it into your brain.


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